One week to RWC 2015

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If this video doesn’t excite you just a little then we’re sorry, you just don’t get sport. 

Another huge bonding experience in the making for ordinary South Africans is on the horizon. Let’s put aside the silly ambitions of a splinter group who want to spoil national sports for everyone else and get behind our team as they travel to far away lands to win a trophy so we can say, “We are World Champions” for a third time.

If you needed proof that government and the nation are behind our Springboks just consider that the SABC has secured the television rights for all South Africa’s games and a whole raft of the others, 29 live matches in total and at least another half dozen delayed.

I met with Tamara Dey just the other day to talk about her involvement in the SABC 2 project, sports and managed to get a few snaps too. For those who don’t know, Tamara is the female voice on the #Habashwe soundtrack for the SABC RWC song.

Run Ride Dive News

Tamara Dey with the Ann van Dyk Cheetah mascot #Heathcliffe


Run Ride Dive News

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