The new Nokia 3 reviewed

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The Nokia 3 is one of Nokia’s new line-up of android phones.

Featuring a fully laminated IPS display with no airgap and sculpted Corning Gorilla Glass, the Nokia 3 screen offers durability and superb clarity delivering a viewing experience that is second to none. With fewer reflections thanks to the polarised screen, the experience is crisp and clear offering unbeatable visibility even in bright sunlight.

  • Google Photos for easy photo storage and sharing
  • Plenty of sensors to give you a full experience, including accelerometer, gyroscope and NFC for sharing
  • Fast downloads and uninterrupted music and video streaming with LTE 4G connectivity
  • Dimensions 143.4 x 71.4 x 8.5 mm
  • internal memory 16Gb, SD card up to 128Gb
  • Available as both single SIM and dual SIM variants
  • Current price R 2499

Run Ride Dive Tech Reviews

What do we think of the Nokia 3?

The Nokia 3 is a very nice phone at a really great price. The phone is a pocket friendly size with a polycarbonate back panel and rounded aluminium edges. The phone feels great to hold and the screen particularly has a soft, almost gel like feel to it.

The buttons are typical of android phones making navigation simple and familiar. A larger button on the top right as you look at the screen allows access to the volume controls and the smaller one just below is the screen power up and off, as well as power on/off switch. Everything else is via the touch screen we’re all familiar with. Perhaps unfamiliar to some phones, the Nokia screen lock is removed by swiping up.

Under camera settings, you can set a watermark, perhaps useful for work when shooting multiple of the same things where it may be hard to distinguish between them later. Video is limited to 720p or smaller, probably a good thing considering the size of 4k files.

The photos can be set to 4:3 and 16:9 frames and range from 4 megapixels to the maximum 8 megapixels. We found this to be sufficient for sharing with friends on social media platforms. We really liked that both cameras (front and rear) have the same quality of images. A grid and spirit level option (can be turned off) are nice to make sure your images are straight and require less effort post shot.

The polarized screen is a real winner in our harsh environment allowing the screen to be read regardless of the sun’s mood.

If you keep all your downloaded software on the SD card while using Google photos to store your images, space shouldn’t be an issue for you.

If you still listen to FM radio, the Nokia 3 comes with this option as a default. For streaming, LTE 4 network speed is possible (150Mbps DL/50Mbps UL) and Android Nougat comes with YouTube pre-installed to cater for the need.

The Nokia 3 is fairly light and feels good in your hands.

We didn’t do a drop test. Let us know if you have.

Run Ride Dive Tech Reviews


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