Nissan Xtrail Review


Nissan Xtrail Review

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The Xtrail was the first Diesel I got to test drive for RRD and I am a Diesel fan so I was really keen to see what the consumption would be on the Nissan. I wasn’t disappointed at all – the consumption was excellent. I was doing around 8.4 with mixed driving while I had the car and I was definitely happy with that stat!


The ride was fine, but I found there was quite a bit of body roll. The car felt a bit tall and not quite wide enough for its height. I would’ve liked to have a slightly more powerful Diesel motor. I thought a 2 litre diesel was slightly underpowered for a car the size of the Xtrail. It felt like it needed a little more push. Ground clearance is good as well but it hasn’t got low range, just a 4×4 setting. The low range would have made the Xtrail a bit more versatile but that depends really on what you’d use it for. A bigger engine would probably also mean better consumption, which is as always a win.

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The use of space throughout the car, though, was excellent. There were a lot of clever compartments, like the sunglasses/lipstick holder above the rear view mirror. I really like this! It was also extremely comfortable to drive. I liked the finish of the interior. The automatic gearbox had well suited ratios, especially for a Diesel! The Xtrail was very easy to drive. I did like the high spot lights it had on the roof – such a wonderful idea, I didn’t get an excuse to use them but I would have loved to! It had a clever green tinged rear view mirror to take away the brightness of following lights. I still maintain this is one of my favorite things on these new SUVs. It also had an interesting reverse camera that came on in the rear view mirror. Extremely useful!

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The space throughout the SUV was vast. The boot was very spacious, with intelligent use of the space. The compartments are excellent and there is even a drawer in the boot! How brilliant is that? The contents of the boot do slide around a lot though so I’d recommend getting a non-slip mat or cargo net to prevent this. We did get the rear seats down but it was a lot more difficult than most of the cars we’ve tested lately. Once you got them down it became easier but it was still a bit of work. The boot itself has more than enough space for a couple of sets of golf clubs and for the rest of the RRD team, more than enough space for your diving equipment!

Run Ride Dive News   Run Ride Dive News

The Xtrail is a good car, for me it just needed a bit more from the engine to be a great car. The comfort was there, the usability was there but the performance I wanted was not. It would do a great job as a general sort of ‘carrying around’ SUV, but for a proper adventure I’m not sure the motor would cut it. The value overall is good, though, at under R400,000.00 it’s worth the price tag, that’s for sure.

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Specs worth noting:


Motor: 2,0 liter Diesel.

Price: R 385,900.00.

Full Time 4×4.

Gearbox: 6 speed Automatic.

Power Output: [email protected]

Torque: [email protected]

Automatic Windscreen wipers – rain sensor.

Keyless Entry.

Airbags: Driver, Passenger, Front Sides and Curtain.

Brakes: ABS, Hydraulic servo-assist, ASR, EBD, BAS, VDC and HDC.




Chevrolet Captiva 2,0 VCDi LTZ – R413,110.00

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Hyundai Santa Fe CRDi 5-seat AWD AT – R399,900.00

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Land Rover Freelander 2,2 SD4 AT – R489,995.00

Mitsubishi Outlander 2,4 GLS CVT – R404,418.00

Renault Koleos 2,0dCi Dynam Premium 4×4 AT – R439,900.00

Suzuki Grand Vitara 2,4i AT – R339,900.00

Volkswagen Tiguan 2,0 TDI Track&Field 4Mtn – R394,635.00

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Robyn’s Corner

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I hate sounding like the stereotypical girl, but I Frankly adore the fact that the Xtrail has a compartment for your lipstick and/ or sunnies and/or any of the other small, finicky things that we girls cart around. Honestly I find it pretty cool and unexpected that this SUV has subtly catered to women like this.

The geek in me loves the reverse camera on the rear view mirror.  I see this reverse camera solving a lot of my problems; I truly fail at the parallel park. I have no trouble admitting this and neither do my car’s rims.

The inside finishes were far sleeker and more stylish than I imagined. For me the Xtrail doesn’t scream rugged, outdoor adventure; I’d keep it in the City or take it somewhere tame like the Garden Route.


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