Nissan Navara Review

A bakkie is not something you would picture me driving but I really enjoyed the Navara. The big 3,0 V6 diesel engine is surprisingly quiet yet extremely responsive. The gearbox lends itself to a comfortable drive. In 4×4 mode, it changed over easily and it felt strong! It will definitely do the job expected of a bakkie.

The interior was neatly done. The reverse camera is very cool, and the Sat-Nav works well. I like the fact that there is a big unit in the middle for the camera and Sat-Nav. The camera was very impressive! With a large screen in the centre of the dash it was so much easier to use. I did find the seats a bit square and uncomfortable. For the price of the vehicle I would expect more comfortable seats. Having said that – this is a bakkie and it’s made to be robust. That it certainly is, and taking it off road made me feel like it would attack most obstacles with ease. It has a good quality CD front loader.

Being a bakkie of course the back had loads of space! I am not the biggest fan of the rear covering, it looks very neat but it’s a mission opening it up and closing it again. I did love that you could open the rear without taking the cover off, though. Still, you battle to take the whole cover off and I found this a tad irritating. It’s strong on safety as well, with a Tailgate lock, airbags passenger and driver, side impact bars, side airbags to protect your torso and curtain shield airbags.

It is an expensive bakkie and although I think it justifies it’s price up to a point, but I still feel like it a lot for a bakkie. I am sure there is basically nothing that can’t be done in the Navara but still, a half a million rand bakkie? I’m not sure I’m sold yet. It would happily hitch a horse box, take a big Ford V8 Engine to Van Der Bijl Park and take a race car on a trailer to Zwartkops. It is a proper strong bakkie and I would look forward to driving it on the trip. It’s consumption was quite high but as a powerful Diesel V6, it was always going to be quite heavy on fuel. Boot wise, there is more than enough room on the back for scuba gear, saddles and bridles, etc. It’s effective at what it is, and it’s personality is born from this efficiency.

Specs worth noting:


  • Ford Ranger DC Wildtrak 3,0 TDCi XLE H/TrL 4 x 4  R421,870.00
  • Isuzu KB300 D-TEQ DC LX AT  R402,700.00
  • Mazda BT-50 2500 TDi Freestyle SLX 4 x 4  R316,510.00
  • Mitsubishi Triton 3,2 DI0D DC AT  R 383,000.00
  • Toyota Hilux DC Legend 40 4,0 V6 Raider 4 x 4 AT  R434,100.00
  • Volkswagen Amarok 2,0 BiTDI Highline 4Motion DC  R390,000.00

Our tamed supermodel Robyn Hobson ( gave us her comments on this beast of a bakkie.

I can’t imagine myself driving a bakkie but there’s a first time for everything and one day I may feel the need to own a farm… or go cruising through the great outdoors. The Nissan Navara is huge, which is great because it means I’ll always be able to find it in a parking lot.

The interior is pretty nicely finished and I was surprised. I thought the inside of this bakkie would be just barebones necessities but I was happy to be proved wrong. The Navara has some nice little perks, such as the reverse camera and we all know how much I love the gift that is the reverse camera.

Overall I like it. Given its size I’d probably look like a midget behind the wheel, but I’d look like a powerful one!

Thank you to Base 3 in Midrand for allowing us to use their cable ski venue.


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