NikeCourt Zoom Vapor AJ3

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NikeCourt marks the start of Roger Federer’s New York grand slam journey with the release of its first performance tennis collaboration.

NikeCourt builds on the DNA of Nike Tennis to revive its culture and attitude, celebrating those who blend age-old tennis tradition with confidence and ardor. For its second release, NikeCourt unites a great player, and his idol, whose quest to the top could not be barred, even if the journey had to be made alone.

Roger Federer and Michael Jordan share an obsession with winning, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Below the surface is a deeper connection; Federer has long admired the basketball legend and even moonlighted as a hooper during his adolescent years. Honoring two athletes who have mastered their respective sports, NikeCourt presents the limited edition NikeCourt Zoom Vapor AJ3 by Jordan, an unprecedented amalgamation of the Nike Zoom Vapor 9.5 and the Air Jordan 3.

“On the court he’s a fierce competitor and has an edge like MJ.” – Tinker Hatfield
Jordan and Federer made their mark on two vastly different courts, but their mindset is the same. Jordan may have been on a team of five, but always relished the pressure packed moments in which championships are won. Federer was never presented with the option, he has no team to rely on or pass the ball to – the responsibility for victory falls on his shoulders alone.

The NikeCourt Zoom Vapor AJ3 by Jordan combines the sport innovation of the Vapor 9.5 with the attitude and off-cout appeal of the Air Jordan 3.

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