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Local racing biker girl and holding her own in the highly competitive 600cc Supersport National Series. She kicks ass literally, as she’s a kick boxer and when she’s on two wheels, she’s one of the fastest girls out there. I managed to slow her down long enough to interview her.

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Has it always been racing bikes that have interested you?
Yes – even though ever since I was a little girl my parents use to race in drags but I always loved bikes.
What has been the biggest challenge racing in the national 600 series? 
Well I am a lady racer and the men in general are faster so it’s a challenge to get up to their pace. It’s difficult when you crash while trying too hard to pick yourself up again at the same pace.
How do you keep ‘racing fit’? I heard you do a lot of kick-boxing?
Yeah, I box every night and run every morning and on weekend run and ride so I do train a lot.
What is it like racing the ladies 600’s series? Do you think the series is good for the development of lady racers?
Yes, it is very good for development and I have seen a lot of ladies get up to 8 sec faster in one year! I believe its a lot easier than learning to ride with a bunch of guys riders. I love the ladies championship and I hope to go do a ladies series overseas
Run Ride Dive interviews   What are your aims for 2011?
I am trying my hardest to get a ride in Australia, there is a ladies 600 championship there, or in America, but here in SA it is to come in the top ten in the national series and to win the ladies championship again.
Who were and are your inspirations?
My inspirations are my mom, dad and my best friend and mechanic – Ryan who are always by my side and believe in me. Other than Run Ride Dive interviews   that is all the ladies that have raced in the world supersport 600 series – wow, that’s where I want to be!
You progressed quickly through the ranks, from 50’s to 600’s in 4 years. What was it like jumping on a quicker and bigger bike so often? 
It was a challenge but very exciting, and it is much better on a faster bike.
Will we be seeing you remain on bikes or making a change over into cars? 
To be honest I would love to see how I would do in a race car! It is one of my dreams to just do one race in the car but has to be on track, I’m sure it’s much easier than a bike though!
What have been the highlights as a racer?
I was the first lady rider to ever ride in a national series. I was the first 2010 ladies 600c championship and coming 9th in a national at Kyalami.
Racing with another lady racer at national level, Janine Mitchell, has that helped being two roses amongst the thorns in the 600’s? 
It has helped a lot as I feel we have pushed each other which makes us faster and more competitive.Run Ride Dive interviews

2012 Update

How was your 2011 racing season?

It was an excellent year for me I found a lot of seconds and finished well in both my championships 4th in regional and 14th in national.
What are your expectations for 2012?
I want to win the regional 600cc series, and place 8thin the national series, maybe even go overseas and do a wild card race.
What has been your biggest challenge going into 2012? 
Well I am on a completely new bike Honda cbr600rr which im still getting use to but we getting better every time we ride. Run Ride Dive interviews
Who do you think was the best local racing driver in 2011?
I believe we all did the best we could for the year so I say all of the bike racers (lol)
Where is your next event? And where can people find out information on you or the racing series you participate in? 
We are racing in Cape Town Killarney race track.  I have my own website people can follow me on all my updates and race news get posted on there, I also have a Facebook fan page nix21.
Run Ride Dive interviews

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