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FitKey provides an accessible, flexible and fun way for people training on-the-go


Cape Town, 30 November 2015 – Launched in May 2015, FitKey is a new type of gym membership that gives you access to fitness classes at different gyms and studios across South Africa. For an affordable monthly fee of R495 (R250 trial), gym-goers can use FitKey’s website or mobile app to book their favourite classes and discover new classes by location, time and the type of fitness class they want to do.


FitKey is the product of the Cape’s two fastest-growing industries – exercise and technology – and links in to the increasing trend of joining fitness classes for the social element. “’The trend towards group classes is only natural. We’re social animals, from our hunting and gathering origins to playing team sports at school. It’s only recently that going to the gym and training by yourself has become popular or even an option, and it’s already losing ground,” says Evan Walther, co-founder of FitKey. “Science shows that people who sign up for a class are far more likely to show up for and complete their workout, and have more fun doing it,” he adds.

FitKey has partnered with more than 160 partner locations with more than 6000 classes per month, offering exercise classes including CrossFit, bootcamp, boxing, spinning, yoga, zumba, pilates, aqua-fitness and kickboxing. Users can request an invite and sign up on Once signed up, they can book a fitness class through the mobile app or the website, for up to three per studio per month. With no commitment, they can cancel their membership at any time.

“A demand for greater flexibility and better value is what’s driving consumers to search for memberships like FitKey, which helps you discover the fitness life that makes you happy,” says Walther. “FitKey gives you the freedom to train and move your body in different ways so that you never get bored with your workout again,” he adds

With 68% of the country’s exercise industry dominated by independent, privately owned studios and gyms, and well over a million people monthly attending various classes in urban centres, FitKey offers a win-win solution for both fitness enthusiasts and the gyms themselves. With FitKey, gym-goers can avoid expensive and rigid contracts, while gyms that wish to fill classes or grow their revenue also benefit.

Run Ride Dive Lifestyle News

*Holiday Special: Join FitKey these holidays and pay only R 300.00 for December and January

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