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New evoPOWER boot launched in yellow and purple
PUMA’s Most Powerful Boot Now Even More Visible on Pitch

Run Ride Dive Lifestyle News
PUMA’s most powerful football boot evoPOWER has been released in eye-catching yellow and purple. The boot, which provides extra power and kicking accuracy, will be worn by football stars including Mario Balotelli, Cesc Fàbregas, Olivier Giroud and Nemanja Matic.

PUMA’s evoPOWER is designed to enhance a player’s natural kicking ability and optimise power and accuracy when striking the ball. Inspired by the freedom of movement of a bare foot kicking a ball – the upper stretches longitudinally, not laterally, which combined with a stability frame that features a spine, allows the foot to move more freely in two directions.

Run Ride Dive Lifestyle News

Lightweight foam underneath the upper material provides a cleaner kicking surface, increasing shot and pass accuracy. The very light outsole and a strategically placed external cage provide the optimum combination of flexibility and support.

“I’ve been playing in the new evoPOWER boot for a few months and I am really happy with it. The spine on the sole is so cool, and you can actually feel the difference when kicking the ball with full power,” said Balotelli. “I really like playing football barefoot, so this boot probably gives me the best from both worlds, movement like being barefooted and all the other great features that only football boots have like protection, support and stability.”

Puma has unveiled new evoSPEED and evoPOWER boots – both in-store from 1 August 2014 at R2 299.00.

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