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Cobra King F7

The King name has long been associated with Cobra golf clubs and they have brought it back in a big way. Never shy of a bright colour, the large bright orange King logo leaps boldly forward from its black background, demanding your attention of its arrival. But this is more than just all flashing lights, there is a lot of substance and technology which backs up all the show.

Cobra’s new King F7 driver is packed full of new technology. When every club manufacturer is spinning the technology angle, Cobra has potentially taken a big leap forward by integrating smart technology directly into their new Cobra King F7 Driver.

Cobra have placed a sensor into the top of the shaft. This smart technology allows you as the golfer to determine, just how far you smash the ball from the tee. It works via the Cobra Connect App which you load onto your smart phone. The phone’s microphone picks up when you strike the ball and then again when you hit your second shot. It then uses the phone’s GPS to determine how far and the direction of your drive. All this data is then available to the player to analyse how they are doing from the tee box. True to form you can even share the info with your mates, I suppose that is if it is actually worth sharing? This patented technology is definitely the future of golf. You can’t see it taking long before every club in your bag is talking to you and collecting the data from every shot. I think the clever guys at Cobra have stolen a march on their competitors here.

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Cobra King F7


There is plenty of other technology in the Cobra King F7 Driver. The crown is now carbon fibre and has a cool check pattern on it which I really liked the look of. It has adjustable weights underneath and the now standard adjustable loft settings on the hosel. So you can really tweak the club to suit your swing. I hit the driver in various settings and you can definitely see the changes in the flight of the ball. It is a driver which I really enjoyed hitting. Maybe for Christmas….a blue one for me…

Another progressive new entrant, which actually harks back from the 1920s, are one length irons. Cobra has launched the Cobra King F7 One Length irons. So instead of the normal variable lengths of shafts found in a standard set of irons, all the One Length irons from the Gap Wedge to the 4 iron, are fitted with shafts which are all the length of a standard 7 iron. The idea being that you can repeat the same swing no matter which club you are using. This definitely has some merit and their PGA Tour Staff Professional Bryson DeChambeau, is currently using these to make his living and is the inspiration behind reviving this idea. I hit them and it does feel different, but I managed to hit them pretty well. Whilst I am not convinced these would make me a better golfer (in fact I am not sure what will) even Cobra agree that these are not for everyone. There will be golfers who these clubs may suit and make them hit more consistently.  Most golfers would love to add more consistent shots to their game. You will never know unless you give them a try. I believe it would be very worthwhile doing, so don’t hit the course wondering !

All the new Cobra King F7 equipment is very good and up there with the best their competitors can produce. If you are looking for any new clubs for Christmas, I would definitely put the new Cobra King’s onto my list for Santa.



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