Nailbiting Finish to the Season for Engen Volkswagen Cup Field

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Nailbiting Finish to the Season for Engen Volkswagen Cup Field THE final round of the Engen Volkswagen Cup featured two guest drivers, two female drivers who leave for Europe soon as part of an FIA development programme, a new series champion and two battles for podium standings – second and third in the championship and the decider in the Masters season.

The 20 year-old Nicolaj Möller Madsen (77 – Ferodo) traveled to South Africa from Europe where he finished second in the Rookie championship of Scirocco R-Cup. Madsen was invited to South Africa by the Scirocco R-Cup champion, Kelvin van der Linde, who claimed the Engen Volkswagen Cup title last season.

“This was the first experience in a right-hand drive car, also without ABS or a racing diff,” says Madsen. “Even the tyres are very different, tyres we use in Europe will last about two sessions, these you race on the whole day and they are still good. This is a very basic car compared to what we race, but it has been a very good experience and I’m glad to learn it.

Kelvin and Jordan went to Europe they were fast, if you can drive this car fast, you can drive any car fast.   “I have learned a lot here, this was a very worthwhile experience. It has helped me so much and this is very different to racing in Europe. There we have a lot of respect for each other, here you get into the first corner and there were cars everywhere! I came out of that corner third from last, then had to fight my way back.”  22 – MAD Racing / UMP / Horne Hydraulics) (12 – ITR Africa / 959 Panelbeaters).   (leading going in the final round, it looked like he would lift the title ahead of Eddie Rodrigues M7 – SEW Eurodrive).

In race one Du Toit was unable to complete the event while Rodrigues managed to just make it to the end, completing enough of the laps to claim points and draw level. This put both on an even footing for the final race. Here the pair were involved in a duel to see who would emerge victorious. Rodrigues was in a commanding position throughout the race when oil on the track and running on the last scraps of grip saw him slow down rather than risk not finishing – while an oil leak on Du Toit’s gearbox saw his car fill with smoke, forcing him to slow, allowing Rodrigues to finish the day unchallenged.   Rodrigues managed to limp his car across the finish line, claiming the Masters title for the season by just one point.   (M11 – Motor Mania).

Falkiner is a member of the motoring media and was invited to contest the final three rounds of this season. While his first outing in the series at the Zwartkops event proved a tough introduction to the series, Falkiner progressed to a better performance at Killarney, improving to the point of winning the first race in the Masters category at Kyalami on Saturday.   “This was a real eye-opener, I always thought they were easy to drive and anyone could just hop in and do well,” says Falkiner. “As a V8 driver I thought I would do well off the bat and I didn’t so it was massively character-building for me. I was ready to throw in the towel after that first event, but I’m so glad I didn’t. It was a fun way to experience a formula I didn’t know too much about, learned how hard the cars are to drive and what it takes from a skill point of view to squeeze the most out of them.”

Engen Volkswagen Cup’s racing women, Tasmin Pepper (31 – PG Glass) and Robyn Kruger (11 – IndyOil) have been selected for the Scirocco R-Cup evaluation event in Germany as part of the Women in Motorsport Commission promoting the participation of women in racing. Pepper and Kruger are two of 12 female racers from 11 countries selected to take part – South Africa is the only country with two racers accepted for the event.

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Polo Cup Final Race 2013 – Meghan McCabe | RunRideDive

RESULTS: RACE ONE: 1. Mark Silverwood (32 – RTT Logistix) 2. Kosie Weyers (5 – Engen Primax) 3. Jordan Pepper (3 – Hollard)

RACE TWO: 1. Lee Thompson (M10 – Lee Thompson Racing) 22 – MAD Racing / UMP / Horne Hydraulics) 3. Trevor Bland (15 – PG Glass)

OVERALL: 22 – MAD Racing / UMP / Horne Hydraulics) 2. Kosie Weyers (5 – Engen Primax) 3. Jordan Pepper (3 – Hollard)

MASTERS: 1. Juan Gerber (M8 – 2. Lee Thompson (M10 – Lee Thompson Racing) (M7 – SEW Eurodrive)

SEASON RESULTS: 1. Kosie Weyers (5 – Engen Primax) 22 – MAD Racing / UMP / Horne Hydraulics) 3. Mathew Hodges (12 – ITR Africa / 959 Panelbeaters)

MASTERS: (M7 – SEW Eurodrive) 2. Ettiene du Toit (M4 – Zenith Product Design) 3. Juan Gerber (M8 –

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