The Motocross National Finals

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The final event in the 2016 Monster Energy TRP Distributors MX Nationals was a massive day to finish of the series, and a great day for the sport. This year has been an exciting year for South Africa Motocross, and things are looking great for a thrilling 2017.

Finals day started off as a fairly crisp morning, as is the norm for this time of the year in Gauteng. The day warmed up quickly, but the wind came rushing in with the heat and made the sky somewhat hazy and grey.

The track was fast and quite flat, consisting of mostly hard pack, with lots of long and low jumps, so the riders were luckily not getting blown around too much by the wind

Anthony Raynard took a fairly hard slam earlier on in the day, and it unfortunately served to slow him down for the rest of the day’s racing, while Johan Vogelsang killed the MX2 holeshot.

Run Ride Dive Motorsport

David Goosen dominated in MX1 – Photo: Marcel Sigg

Sacha Naude owned the MX1 class, with a clean victory from David Goosen and Kerim Fitzgerald. Despite the second in MX1, Goosen was another rider who found top form throughout the day’s racing, leading both MX2 heats to take the overall class win from Tristan Purdon.

Nanda Clowes was also on form in the Ladies Divison, and found the front of the pack quickly and stayed there. She beat the ever-present Brittany Cuthbert into second, with Toni Jardine in third.

Keegan Hickson Mahoney had an amazing day on the bike and took the 125 High School overall. Slade Smith was a close second with upcoming Cayle Dormehl in third.


The overall Monster Energy TRP Distributors 2016 series winners will be announce later on this week in a separate press release. Watch press for details.

Final Results from Round 7 at Terra Topia

MX1   – View Photo Album

1. Sacha Naude

2. David Goosen

3. Kerim Fitzgerald

MX2 – View Photo Album

1. David Goosen

2. Tristan Purdon

3. Kerim Fitzgerald

MX3 –  View Photo Album

1. Greg Aspinell

2. Brett Bircher

3. Tony Riddel

MX 85cc

1. Jonathan Mlimi

2. Christiaan Cilliers

3. Leonard Du Toit

Pro Mini

1. Cameron Durow

2. Hutton Grant

3. Sebastian Phelps

MX 50cc – View Photo Album

1. Jordan Van Wyk

2. Seth Young

3. Jordan Dewdney

MX High School – View Photo Album

1. Keegan Hickson-Mahoney

2. Slade Smith

3. Cayle Dormehl

MX 65cc – View Photo Album

1.Hayden Tully

2.Dylan Kirk

3. Daiyaan Manuel

Ladies – View Photo Album

1. Nanda Clowes

2. Brittany Cuthbert

3. Toni Jardine

Senior Support – View Photo Album

1. Chris Nel

2. Bevan Christie

3. Mason Buist

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