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Motor Cross at Dirt Bronco

This past Saturday Maggi and I decided to go see what the Dirt Bronco track in Krugersdorp has to offer.

Run Ride Dive News

A moto cross rider takes a fall

Dirt Bronco is a large moto cross venue with 3 distinct tracks and lots of parking space for competitors and spectators just off the R28 in Krugersdorp. Open the link in the previous line to find a map and directions to the venue.

Run Ride Dive News

Kicking up some dirt

Saturday saw a whole host of events over a large variety of age groups using two of the three tracks. Boys and girls race mixed and all colours are represented.

Run Ride Dive News

The younger moto cross participants

The atmosphere is friendly and the events run thick and fast. There isn’t too much of a break between the action, although I was caught unawares when the focus switched from the main track to the short circuit and I was still waiting for someone to come tearing around the bend over a jump I had positioned myself to shoot. I had to re-position myself to get the youngsters on their little bikes jumping and throwing dirt just like any others on the main track.

One of my favourite images of the day. Run Ride Dive News   I prefer pure photos, unedited ones, if you like. I played with the brightness/contrast here to correct what was initially an underexposed image and I’m quite satisfied with the result. This youngster, Vincent van Rooyen, went on to win the race by a significant margin.

The only thing I didn’t enjoy was the boerewors roll. It was dry and full of gristle. You really needed to drown it in a bucket of mustard to disguise the taste.


On the way to the GWM Steed, which I have for a review (coming soon), we noticed a chap trying to load 2 quad bikes on the back of a trailer and since he was clearly struggling I offered him a hand. We didn’t see any quad bikes racing but I might have to go back just for that 😉

More images in the Gallery, click here.


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