Maserati GT MC Stradale

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Italian sports cars are like thoroughbred race horses. We admire the lines. We can’t help but watch every muscle move. We envy the owners and we long for the attention they draw.¬†You can trace the lineage, the blood lines are pure and yet every now and then you wind up with a mule.

Is the GT MC Stradale a race horse or a mule?

The press release just arrived in my inbox talking about 460 horses and over 300 km/h top speed, all great but totally pointless in most modern society, unless you spend your life waving your keys around at the local bar trying to get laid.

The only thing that matters is how these cars make you feel, either as the driver or the observer.

Run Ride Dive News

The GT MC Stradale does not disappoint! This car is beautiful. Admittedly I haven’t seen one on the road. I have no idea if the rear end is as gloriously fashioned as the front, or if the interior is closer to a whore’s handbag than the cockpit of a luxury cruiser the exterior promises.

Historically Maserati is one of the car makers who know how to evoke raw emotion with their designs. I long to hear this engine’s note as it pulls away from a standing start. Hopefully it tears up the air and spits it out in a symphony of a hundred decibels of gloriously tuned notes.

What I find strange is why the marque decided to make a proper four seater and why they think any self-respecting owner would buy a two door four seater at that. Yes it is stunningly beautiful from what we can see but if I had the money for a car like this, surely I have enough for a proper people carrier (read 4 door saloon) as well, much like the Jaguar in the background perhaps?

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