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Firstly, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to chat to us.

RRD: How do maintain the levels of fitness and physic for competitions?

MC: Something that started as a 12 week challenge for me has turned into a passion, a way of life, my lifestyle, my career! I work very closely with an amazing Coach: IFBB PRO Mr Andrew Hudson. I train at least 6 times a week. Cardio in the morning and weight training in the afternoon, being consistent with my healthy eating, discipline and dedication towards my goals! I check in on a regular basis with my coach which also keeps me focused and on track!

RRD: You’re a personal trainer in your own capacity; do you find that helps you focus on keeping to a high level of physical fitness?

MC: Absolutely! My main focus as a trainer is to assist individuals with lifestyle changes more than competition prep! But definitely, I see my own physical fitness and physique as my business card. I have always been training but became more serious about competing in 2012. Whether I’m competing or not I continue to train as it forms a huge part of my lifestyle – I see it as “me time”.

RRD: What was your first competition like?

MC: *Giggle*

My first Competition was in 2012: IFBB North West Novice Provincial Show – I was terrified!! I am generally a very shy person at first and growing up I could never stand in front of my class mates and say a speech, so this was definitely a fear I had to overcome! I had a great coach in my first year that assisted me and pushed me to overcome this fear! I still remember her words: “Sal we are professionals NOT amateurs! Conduct yourself as a professional at all times!’

Standing back stage, I kept saying words of affirmation and told myself to get a grip and believe in myself! Walking out onto that stage was scary at first but I was so proud of myself for achieving all I had at that point, and the mere fact that i walked out onto that stage was me achieving and overcoming a fear! After Prejudging I couldn’t wait to get back onto that stage! I was so excited and have to admit – the competing bug had bitten me!!! I went on to win my division and made it through to SA Champs! I have never looked back and learned a lot about myself and what I am truly capable of!

Run Ride Dive interviews News

RRD: What products do you use and how do they help you in your maintaining and training?

MC: When I talk to my clients about supplements: I always tell them it’s exactly what the word implies: Supplement – an Add on to what you are already doing! Start with a good foundation and regular training and healthy eating, once you have that going then add extra supplements!

My Basic Supplements I use and would recommend would be:

  • Whey Protein
  • Multivitamin
  • Casein
  • Glutamine

Products definitely assist with my recovery as well as optimal performance especially when we are training so hard as the competition season approaches!

RRD: What keeps you motivated?

MC: I was told I would never be able to compete as I don’t have the dedication, the drive and the discipline. Well that definitely motivated me in a big way: others may choose to limit themselves but a lesson I learned was that at the end of the day I am the only person that can decide for me what I can and cannot achieve! It’s all about mind-set and how bad do you actually want it!

Personal Goals, breaking boundaries as to how far I can go in this industry, never settling for average and improving on an overall scale definitely keeps me motivated!!

RRD: How big an effect did your father have on you as your career as an athlete?

MC: My father was passionate about Bodybuilding!!! As a little girl I would always attend shows and watch him assist his athletes/ team!! I still remember sitting there thinking one day I would like to be a figure lady! My father was my role model, my inspiration and my motivator!

Unfortunately he passed away 7 years ago so he never got to see me compete! Not a day goes by where I don’t think about him or when I compete I always imagine him standing there shouting for me and supporting me!

I would say he played a huge role in motivating me and inspiring me as an athlete, growing up. In school I was in the athletics team and still remember him coaching me for the 100m sprints: after school we would go to the gym or field and he would tie a tyre around my waist and make me sprint and train hard. He always said “ALL OR NOTHING” which i try to maintain and apply to this very day!

RRD: What lessons did you learn from him that you still use today?

MC: “Go Big or Go Home” was one of his favourite mottos! He taught me to have a good work ethic, being that whatever I choose to do, I must give it everything I got! There is no half-hearted method to anything you choose to do, so Give it All you Got, Make it Count and Never settle for Average!

Hard work, Dedication & above All Passion for what you do will always pay off!!!

RRD: You’ve traveled to shows in Poland and the USA, what did you learn about your sport on these travels?

MC: Wow, I have been very fortunate to be able to represent SA on an international stage at Worlds in Poland as well as Budapest and then at the Arnold’s Sports Festival in America!!

This sport is massive overseas! I always like to describe myself being there like a kid in a candy store! I was in my Element! Very Professional, very punctual, and very organised!

Run Ride Dive interviews News

RRD: What’s your advice to ladies looking to get into body building?


Get a Good Coach!

Do your homework on your coach, on the different divisions etc.

Be realistic in terms of your goals.

Be patient, persistent and consistent with healthy eating and training!

This sport is a marathon rather than a sprint. Think long term it takes time!

RRD: How important is it to have a dedicated trainer?

MC: I would say it’s more important to have a dedicated Coach than a trainer! If you are fortunate enough to be able to working with a trainer on regular basis, that will definitely help keep you extra motivated! I don’t have a trainer but work with a coach instead! My coach will give me my programs and I will apply it!

It is good to have a session every now and then with a good trainer or coach to ensure your training methods are correct and intensity is where it needs to be! Again what you put in is what you get out!

RRD: What has been the highlight of your career thus far?

MC: Definitely being able to represent SA on an international Standard/ level!!

  • Placing 7th at the Arnolds in Ohio USA
  • Placing 2nd at The Amateur Africa Olympia
  • Placing 9th at World Champs in Budapest
  • Winning SA Champs x 2 (2012 and 2015)
  • Being able to grow personally and believe me in myself and overcoming a fear lol!
  • Being able to inspire many ladies out there to achieve their health & Fitness goals……. especially after I was told time & time again i would never be able to achieve it myself!

RRD: What are your aims for the rest of the year?

MC: My main Focus is the Arnolds happening in SA this year at the Sandton Convention Centre! I am ultimately working towards achieving my IFBB Pro Card one Day! I would like you represent SA Overseas again either at the Arnolds in Spain or Worlds!

Run Ride Dive interviews News

RRD: When is your next competition?

MC: The Arnold Classic Africa : 27-29 May at the Sandton Convention Centre! It’s going to be Epic!

RRD: We hear you will be taking part in the Arnold Invitational in May. What makes this such an exciting event for the local competitors?

MC: Well having competed at the Arnold’s in Ohio and being a part of the whole hype was insane so having that level of competition on home ground is going to be incredible! This is the first ever for SA!! To share an event of such a high magnitude with the various sporting codes just gives me Goosebumps! I live for Sport and to see how it brings people together, the vibe, the atmosphere, the excitement. I cannot wait!!! To have all our SA supporters there cheering us on will be pretty awesome!!

RRD: Who is your biggest competition in this class?

MC: Me, Myself and I! I don’t want to sound clichéd here but ultimately my biggest competition is myself! I have always promised myself that i need to be better and closer to my ultimate goal every year and every time I get on stage! I never want to be the same or settle for average but rather am improving on my overall package that I present. Continue to Be Better!

One thing I always remind myself of is if you want to be a Pro: You got to Look like a Pro, Act like a Pro, Eat like a Pro and Train like a Pro!! I will continue to work hard towards achieving that status!

RRD: To keep in touch with Marcelle you can follow her on Instagram and on Twitter !

Images: Soulby Jackson 

Run Ride Dive interviews News

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