The football world will be RED, LFC red

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You cannot judge much from the first few games of a season but in the case of Liverpool FC you can tell that there is hope for the season. Despite a tiny slip up at home against the blowing bubble superstars that are West Ham, Liverpool have looked every bit the club to stamp their authority on the Premier League this season.

And while other clubs have shot out of the blocks, Liverpool are lining up for a marathon that will culminate in Champions League football if not the Premier League trophy.

It all starts this weekend at the turf of our greatest rivals in without a doubt the biggest derby game in world football.

Liverpool vs Manchester United evokes emotion throughout the world and this weekend the game to end all football games comes around once again.

Both clubs have a point to prove with results between the two have see-sawed over previous seasons. For Liverpool this is a chance to set demons of the past to bed and in so doing torment a long standing rival.
Benteke is the striker everyone is talking about but perhaps this will be the stage for a much underrated player to shine. Danny Ings impressed the entire Premier League last season and this feels like the kind of game he could thrive in, amongst the chaos and the noise, this 5’10 predator could prove all the difference.

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All he needs is one pass through the gates and he could put his name into the pages of Liverpool folklore. That pass could come from anywhere with a midfield boasting Brazilian flair in the form of Coutinho & Firmino or English gritty determination in Milner & Henderson. It really is just a question of who will put that pass in line for Ings to finish.

Cleansheet is a word that was not heard much around Liverpool last season but with the defensive might of Skrtel & Lovren finding compatibility as well as Mignolet’s amazing reflexes there is a good chance the mighty red men could walk away from Old Trafford with a cleansheet in their possession to go with that nice shiny W.

Come the weekend, the football world will be RED but here’s to it being the beautiful red of Liverpool FC

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