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The Lexus is such a sleek and elegant car. I absolutely adored it. It was pure luxury and a joy to drive. It isn’t the fastest out there but you feel pampered behind the steering wheel. The sound system is excellent and driving experience is phenomenal. It was a pleasure having a car like the IS250 to drive along on the highway, particularly with road works everywhere. The gearbox was smooth and effortless.


The car is definitely aimed at the Executive, not the young hot hatch driver. You could easily fit two sets of golf clubs in the boot and the automatic gearbox is good and allows  you to put your foot down smoothly. No doubt a manual would get more out of the engine but that’s always the case, and with the Lexus the slick shifts are worth the compromise.

The seating was comfortable; the steering wheel controls were easy to use. Like most Lexus models the sound system was superb. Not doof-doof level of sound but more refined. I like the cars styling; it is very sleek and elegant. If anything, the car is perhaps too understated. If you push it, the acceleration is there, which is nice, but it isn’t really constant, it doesn’t unleash itself and needs to be invited out.


At over R400,000.00 it is a proper corporate car and it does a lot to justify its price tag. The Lexus brand has become synonymous with luxury and refinement, which is always a difficult badge and profile to maintain. Lexus has achieved just that with this entry level model and it will appeal to the Lexus target market. It is a car you can see someone has strived to afford and own. It conveys the underlying message that you’ve made it. The safety is there as well, with lots of Airbags throughout, including Knee airbags which I find fascinatingly brilliant, and a braking system that will work.

Specs Worth Noting:

  • Price: R429,900.00
  • Power: [email protected]
  • Torque: [email protected]
  • Gearbox: 6-speed Automatic
  • Top Speed: 225kmph
  • Fuel Consumption: 9.1
  • Brake Hydraulics: ABS, EBD, BAS, VDIM and VSC.
  • Safety Features: Driver, Passenger, Rear Passenger Side, Knee, Curtain Shield and Front Side Protection Airbags.
  • Headlights: Halogen Intensity Discharge low beam headlamps.
  • Sound: Lexus Premium Sound System.



  • Audi A4 2,0T FSI Quattro S Tronic: R440,940.00
  • BMW 325i AT: R424,940.00
  • Chevrolet Lumina 6,0 V8 SS AT: R441,930.00
  • Chrysler 300C V6 AT: R419,900.00
  • Honda Accord 2,4 i-VTEC Exclusive AT: R401,200.00
  • Hyundai Sonata Exec AT: R299,900.00
  • Mercedes-Benz C300 AT: R466.470.00

I asked my pet ballerina, Claire Spector, to give me her opinion on the elegant Lexus, which really would be quite a match for her. Here are her thoughts.


The Lexus IS250 is a handsome car. It has flash and style, but in a way that is understated and not at all in-your-face. It looks neither thuggish nor too precious to be put through its paces.  It is, in fact, the Daniel Craig of cars- suave yet powerful, with muscles just visible through the tuxedo…

The interior tells the same story; no-nonsense pedals, lots of functional- looking knobs and dials, and a beautiful LCD touchscreen climate and audio control.

This is a car that even I would ogle were I to see it driving around town. It’s the car for someone who has definitely and irrefutably made it, and who demands their luxury with a dash of speed. It has just the right balance of raw power and sophistication, which is all a girl really wants.


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