Lewis Hamilton gives fastest ever interview

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One Lap, One Former World Champion, One Shaky James Corden & One Quickfire Q&A

“I do so many media interviews as a part of my job but it was great fun to do it in a very different way. This interview was definitely one of a kind – James was firing out questions almost as fast as I was driving, so I tried to make it a bit challenging for him. He’s a really funny guy, I’d be more than happy to throw him around a passenger seat whenever he likes,” said Hamilton.

Run Ride Dive Lifestyle News

After the interview, James Corden added with shaking knees: “If you think Lewis was driving fast, I can assure you, he was driving faster. This was undoubtedly the most unusual interview I have ever done, but it was for sure one of the most enjoyable. It was great to meet Lewis, he was a great sport and I honestly believe that deep down he wishes his girlfriend was hot like me!”

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