Leicester City FC 2016/7 Champions Kit

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On top of the accolades, fame and fortunes a Premier League win brings to a club, the following season also sees them wear a new kit embellished with a gold trim only reserved for Champions.

In the new season, Leicester City FC will be wearing a new new Puma kit adorned with a subtle gold emphasis to remind opposition teams of their fearless approach to the season just finished, a reminder of who the Champions are.

Whatever changes,

Nothing changes.


No matter the occasion,

The stage or fanfare

We do not falter.

 Run Ride Dive Lifestyle News

As underdogs. As top dogs.

Together we stand.

To eye this next horizon


This new world, is our new stage.

From the terrace. To the pitch.

To the boardroom. We play our part.


 Run Ride Dive Lifestyle News

Because when all is said and all is done

And history hangs in the balance

We remain



The new Leicester City kit will be available from September at R 999.

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