July Review

Run Ride Dive KZN Diving News

Well it has been a busy month, been in the water doing training every day.


It all started with our 4 Scuba Divers who certified days before leaving for their trip to the Maldives.  We hope to see them soon to complete the Open Water Course and that they enjoyed their time in the Maldives.


Then it was onto the 3 Open Water Divers who battled through tough conditions to complete their course.  Visibility and wind caused us to not have great conditions so we had to complete the course in the quarry.  But well done to these guys for persevering and I am sure that their follow up dives will show them why we dive when they see all the amazing fish life on all the great dive sites around the world.  Visibility at Vetchies was at 5 metres, which was short lived due to the dredging operations, and we saw some interesting critters, including a juvenile Devil Firefish.  We were entertained for a short while on the way back from our 2 metre visibility dive on Birthdays , by a Shoal of about 30 Dolphins swimming and playing in the water.


Run Ride Dive KZN Diving News

Photo credit: Bob Owen / Foter / CC BY

After that we had some discover Scuba Diving in the Lagoon Aquarium with 2 different groups and a refresher as well.  Unfortunately due to time constraints and the imminent weather and dive conditions, they were not able to complete the Open Water course before having to go back to Switzerland, however we are going to go and enjoy a dive in the Open Ocean Aquarium later this week.


We are also currently half way through an Open Water course for a young lad and his dad, and will be completing this course over the weekend.  This will be the first step for this 11 year old on completing his dream to become a Marine Biologist.  Good luck with the rest of the course guys.


Run Ride Dive KZN Diving News

Photo credit: Mal B / Foter / CC BY-ND

As you can see we have been quite busy working on getting new divers to enjoy a great life experience and wish them all Great Diving in the future and amazing Visibility.


Why not contact us to see our options to either start diving with PADI or continue your education in diving.


This weekend’s conditions are looking better than we have been experiencing.  The wind is going to be a mild North Easter, with small swell.  Visibility has improved over the last 2 weeks, however it is still at around 3-4 metres.  Sea Temperatures are at 21° and land temperatures are predicted at 22° for the weekend.


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