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Jeremy Brockie is currently playing his football for Supersport Untied in PSL after an interesting history playing his football in the A League and MSL before making Matsatansa his home. He’s played a lot of international football which has taken him to the Olympics, CONFED Cup and the World Cup, he really has done everything!

You’ll also know him from our Head2Head article on the English Premier League predictions where he’s shown us he’s got some great footballing insight to go with his eye for goals!

Firstly thank you for making time to answer our questions!


(RRD) You’ve travelled quite a bit in your career, you’ve played in New Zealand, Australia, Canada and now South Africa – what was been the most noticeable difference between the leagues?

(JB) Wow, it is so hard to compare the 3 different professional leagues I have played in! I guess here in SA there’s a real brand of attacking football and that’s what is allowing me to score goals here in SA. In the A-league, the football is a lot more possession based football and they build up slowly from the back. The MLS the whole league set up there is very professional, the facilities are top class and have that ability to attract big name players.


(RRD) How has the growth of the A League in Australia benefited New Zealand players?

(JB) It has for sure. There is also a limit of only 5 foreign players in the A-league per team, which means the one and only New Zealand based team is forced to have Kiwis and young talented Kiwis in the side.

Run Ride Dive interviews

(RRD) There are more and more New Zealanders playing in European leagues, how has this helped the national team grow and strengthen?

(JB) It’s very important, whenever we go in to camp with the national team the experience and professionalism that they bring to the squad is priceless! It gives young boys in the squad a chance to look up to them and learn things off them and inspires them to dream big.


(RRD) You played for New Zealand at the 2008 Olympic Games, what was that experience like for a young footballer?

(JB) It was one of my career highlights participating in the Olympic Games, The whole world tunes in to watch the games and to be able to represent the nation was something I’ll never forget; and being the first Kiwi to score a goal is something I’ll always cherish.

Run Ride Dive interviews

(RRD) You played in South Africa as part of the Confederations Cup, what was the experience of South Africa as a player at the event?

(JB) It was unreal, I guess you can say it was a pre-world cup build up so everything was top notch, the hotels, the training facilities were amazing and to be able to come up against Spain was a moment I’ll always remember.


(RRD) You had a 45 game goal-less streak for the All Whites, for such a prolific striker it must have been a massive relief scoring and breaking this duck?

(JB) Did you have to remind me of that.. haha! It was a massive relief. At least when I hang my boots up I can say I scored for the national team. Out of my 48 caps I’ve only managed maybe 10 games as a striker with my other caps being in a wing-back role and sometimes even as a left back. Now under the new coach thankfully the coach sees me as a striker so I’m looking to add to the tally.


(RRD) What has the transition been like moving to South Africa?

(JB) It has been very smooth, much easier than I ever expected. The start was obviously tough living in the hotel but once we found a place and met a few people outside of the football world it was great. My wife and two young kids are really enjoying their time here in SA and I want it to last longer.

Run Ride Dive interviews

(RRD) You’ve been part of a lot of wonderful tournaments as part of the All Whites, what has been the highlight of your international career thus far?

(JB) You can’t beat the World Cup here in 2010. As a kid you grow up watching the World Cup on TV and to be able to take the pitch here in SA was a dream come true and will always be my career highlight!

(RRD) What are your aims for the current season?

(JB) As a club we have had a very tough time this season and after much excitement and expectations in pre-season of challenging for the PSL that is pretty much out of reach now. Our aim has to be to secure a spot in the top 8. As an individual I want to continue scoring goals on a consistent basis to help the team win games.


(RRD) Who has been the hardest opponent you’ve faced as a player?

(JB) I’ve been lucky to be able to play against some of the best players and teams in the world. Playing for the national team I’ve played against Spain, Brazil and Italy. It’s very hard to pick one individual but I’ve got a few collector’s item shirts haha!

Run Ride Dive interviews

(RRD) Who has been the most talented player you’ve played with?

(JB) I’m going to choose someone from my club right now. David Mathubula, he is an amazing player with such good feet. He can pick a pass out from anywhere on the pitch and he’s very intelligent on the ball.


(RRD) Since we are a sports blog, which other sports are you a fan of and who do you support?

(JB) Being a kiwi I have to say I’m a rugby fan and my team is the Wellington Hurricanes, also I love Cricket and watch the black caps whenever I can.


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Run Ride Dive interviews

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