Jeep Wrangler Review

Now this is a sexy 4×4.

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I loved having the Jeep for the week and I really wish I could’ve kept it longer. It was so much fun to drive. It really was pure boy fun. I miss it now.
It isn’t the most practical of 4x4s but when you do take it off the beaten track it handles itself with aplomb! Switching it between ranges was simple enough and doing a quick ascent and descent for a few shots was surprisingly easy. I felt like I wanted to go and do some proper 4x4ing after being in the Wrangler for a day.

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The boot space is a bit disappointing. It is supposed to be a boy’s weekend car but the boot space is minimal. I would’ve liked a bit more space. I did love how easy the roof was to take off and put back on. Really made you want to find an excuse to drive around all day with the roof off! The engine makes an enticing sound when you put your foot flat, though I think you can definitely get more out of the 3.8 litre V6. It just feels like there’s a little bit more to give. Still, there is a lot of power from the engine and it does more than needed, really. The consumption wasn’t the best but this isn’t something you buy to save money on petrol!

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The automatic gearbox is a lot better than the last automatic Jeep that I drove. Especially whilst in 4×4 mode it was impressive. Automatic 4x4s can be sluggish when it comes to changing over modes. The Jeep, however, is not like this and was it a pleasure to splash through some mud.
Even on the highway, it felt at home and the automatic wasn’t sluggish at all, allowing for that extra bit of acceleration when asked. It is surprisingly spacious inside. Getting into the back seats requires a bit of a jump, but once inside it is extremely comfortable. It sits high and allows you to feel really in control while driving. It has hardly any body roll, which was a lovely surprise!

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The interior is neatly and elegantly done and I feel it is a massive improvement on the previous Wrangler. Even the Sat-nav works well – it’s a Garmin which I think is the right way to go (using an established Sat-Nav company). There’s a subwoofer in the boot, so the stereo is very good!

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This is a 4×4 for the Super-Hatch generation. It isn’t the typically American SUV where it’s all show and no go, it was versatile and worked well wherever you asked it to work. It is what I would buy. It is fun and almost nonsensical to buy but if I was road tripping to the Skeleton Coast I would want to be in the Wrangler! Being in the Wrangler made me WANT to go to the Skeleton Coast. The price seems like a bargain right now.
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Specs That Matter:

Price: R349,990.00
Gearbox: 4 speed Automatic.
Power Output: [email protected]
Torque: [email protected]
Hydraulic Brake, ABS, EBA, Electronic Roll Mitigation and ESP.

Competitors Prices:

Land Rover Defender 90 Multi-Purpose S – R 362,995
Mini Cooper S All4 Countryman AT – R 414,999
Suzuki Grand Vitarta 3.23i AT – R 387,900
Mahindra Scorpio SUV 2,5 NEF TCI 4 x 4 – R 257,600

Our tame Supermodel is away this week doing something exciting in Zanzibar.

Thus we replaced her with my personal albeit untamed interior designer Jo Cordner (


The first time I saw this little Jeep I thought “why isn’t it black?” That said, I think that about most things.

Regardless, the aesthetics of this sexy red Jeep Wrangler grows on you remarkably quickly.

The Wrangler holds to the traditional look of a hardy off road car, although the trend at the moment is sleek and suburban, Jeep has lost none of its character with this little Wrangler. With a spare on the back, extruding wheel housings and the iconic Jeep grill, its squat and aggressive stance tells you this little guy is mean and ready to take on any terrain.

The interior is… tasteful. Not what you might consider inspired. They could have done away with the silver plastic bits. It’s a hardcore little bugger; it doesn’t need silver plastic bits. Perhaps something more in keeping with the gauges on the dash would have done the trick? But still, hardly a draw back. It’s a neat little jammy on the inside and on the outside.


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