Jaguar XF – Premium Luxury

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Jaguar XF (Motorpics)

There is something about the Jaguar XF. When you hear the price, at first you wonder if the 2,0-litre auto will live up to its price tag. However, when you drive it and live with it daily, the price starts to feel like an absolute bargain!

What I get to rock this weekend! Such an impressive car! #jaguar #xf #ultimatedrives #lifegoals

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The styling is much more aggressive on the latest Jaguars, and it sets them apart from their rivals. We really like the way it looks – awesome, like a muscle car, but with a sophisticated touch to it. The interior is comfortable and well thought out. The only thing that did irk slightly was that the cell phone charger point is in the middle compartment behind the gear lever. This means that your phone has to sit inside the compartment while charging, making using Apps like Google maps, etc, awkward. Other than that, it’s beautifully designed, reminding you that you’re in a Jaguar – and that means you’ve made it.

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Jaguar XF (Motorpics)

Even though it feels like a Grand Tourer at times, its sporty heritage is always there. It definitely has the performance but delivers it elegantly. The handling is spot on and the gearbox feels smooth, but when you overtake it feels effortless. It’s a very good automatic box – a great compromise between comfort and performance. Even though the car is large in terms of its dimensions, it never feels cumbersome – which was a complaint about earlier Jaguar models. Parking can be a challenge, though, as the XF is not a small car!

Something unusual happens when you drive the XF – things become more relaxed, and you feel like just cruising. Even though it delivers high-end luxury, this is a car you want to take on long road trips. Not exactly off the beaten track, but a long drive from Joburg to Cape Town would be amazing in the XF! It definitely has the boot space for it – along with loads of interior space. Of course, it has all the usual gadgets like automated parking, heads up display, etc.

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Jaguar XF (Motorpics)

The Jaguar XF is a car to which all of us at RunRideDive aspire. It’s the coolest cool car on the cool wall, that’s for sure!

The boot has enough space for two sets of golf clubs making it fantastic for any golfers out there. I could image you fitting even a saddle and bridal in there, so it’s a good equestrian vehicle as well! What is nice is that even though it is high end, it can be extremely practical. It would be sacrilege to have any bicycle stands or roof racks on the vehicle. Sorry cyclists, definitely not the car for you!


Power – 177kW

0-100km/h in 7 Seconds

Top Speed 248 km/h

Fuel Economy 7,5l/100km

Price: R802,700.00

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