5 things you need to know about the Jaguar F-PACE

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The Jaguar F-PACE is the first SUV by the premium English marque and was rather spectacularly introduced to South Africa at the Jaguar Simola Hillclimb while dangling from a helicopter.

1. Engine derivatives

There are 2 diesel and 2 petrol options available. You can choose between the 2.0 132kW 4 cylinder turbocharged AWD (20d AWD) and the 3.0l 220kW V6 turbocharged AWD (30d AWD). Both are excellent diesel engines with superb emissions and consumption figures. The two petrol models  are a little more thirsty. The options are a 3.0l 250kW supercharged V6 (35t AWD) or the 3.0l 280kW supercharged V6 (S AWD).

I enjoyed the roar of the supercharged V6 petrol engines but I would purchase the 3.0l diesel if I was in the market for this type of vehicle.

2. F-PACE First Edition

The limited edition “F-PACE First Edition” is available in two unique colours not available on any of the other F-PACE models, Halcyon Gold and Caesium Blue. The First Edition is limited to the 3.0l engines, one diesel, one petrol. The Caesium Blue definitely stands out in a crowd and you would be one of only handful to have the special First Edition release. Better be quick, the F-PACE is selling really well and waiting lists are lengthening.

3. Infotainment pack

There are two different infotainment packs, the InControl Touch and the InControl Touch Pro. As with all things tech, you want the Pro because it offers 10.2 inches of super-fast touchscreen based computing at your fingertips. The display is paired to quad core processor making every command instantly appear on the screen.

4. InControl App.

InControl App is a phone based app that can perform a host of soon-to-be important tasks while you are away from your vehicle. Top of the list must be the “find my car” option but other nice to have items include remote locking of the car, remote closing of windows and the all-important must-have, remote turning the climate control system on to set a preferred temperature up to half an hour before you need to jump in and race off. If you’re going to go to the website skip the American site and go to www.jaguar.co.za

5. Jaguar Activity Key

Initially I thought of the activity key, essentially a bangle, as a bit of a gimmick but after two days on the launch I’m starting to appreciate how the activity key is a useful addition to the vehicle. It’s by no means a requirement for most people but it’s a really nice to have accessory which adds additional security to your vehicle while you’re off living the life you deserve without worrying about the safety of your vehicle. Best of all, you can leave your key in the car and it becomes completely useless to would-be-thieves until you reactivate it on your return with the activity key.

Just for fun you can build a Jaguar F-PACE to your own spec with all the add-on items you desire in the wildest, most daring configurations you can imagine on the Jaguar SA website, and if you have the budget, order it.

A good place to start is probably the brochure which you can download to guide you through the options you desire.

Run Ride Dive Home

Jaguar F-Pace perched below an African Coral tree at the Royal St. Andrews in Port Alfred

Run Ride Dive Home

The prowlers are lined up for the Aldo Scribante track day

Run Ride Dive Home


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