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We’ve watched Tim Drummond play for South Africa over the last couple years and when an interview opportunity presented itself, we jumped at it! Thanks for taking the time to chat to us Tim.


RRD: What is the biggest pressure for you as captain of the national side?

Tim Drummond: The biggest pressure comes from myself. I know I have to perform on the field and as a captain you try your best to set the example in your performance for your team mates.

RRD: How did going to a strong sporting school like Hilton help in your development as a player?

Tim Drummond: I was extremely fortunate to attend such an incredible institution! Hilton is school where one is exposed to an all-round education, providing opportunities to get involved in cultural activities, and a variety of sporting codes. The structures in these organisations were excellent, with top level coaches, good administration, and strong competition from one’s peers, which provided an environment of continually trying to achieve ones maximum potential.

Career Highlights

RRD: What for you has been the highlight of your career thus far?

Tim Drummond: The London Olympics in 2012 was a huge highlight in my career. Being in an environment for two weeks where all your sporting needs are catered for from nutrition to recovery facilities to even a dentist where I had a root canal fixed during the tournament.

RRD: Who has been the best player you’ve played with?

Tim Drummond: I was fortunate to play with Andrew Cronje. He was always the fittest in the team and he would always set the standard for us as team mates.

RRD: And the hardest opponent you’ve faced?

Tim Drummond: Teun de Nooijer. He Never stopped moving with or without the ball.

RRD: What is your fitness regime to be a top level hockey player?

Tim Drummond: Hockey has changed considerably even since I started in 2010.The focus now is more on speed and agility as you play for 4mins then rest for 1min and then back on the field for 4mins. I try mix up my fitness sessions through cross training with other sports  such as surfing, squash and cycling as it allows me to stay motivated mentally.

RRD: You’ve played internationally such as Auckland in New Zealand, what is the biggest difference in the different leagues for you?

Tim Drummond: The biggest difference is the culture of hockey. In Holland, hockey is the 2nd biggest sport and it is evident when you visit a club and they have eight astro fields. In New Zealand, their hockey players are similar to South Africans in terms of the players having full time jobs and hockey is a passion. Where there is a very strong culture and financial support for the game of hockey, you generally find the standard of the game to be of a much higher level.

Run Ride Dive interviews

South Africa struggled to put away Egypt and failed to qualify for the World Cup via the local tournament in Johannesburg

On SA’s failure to qualify for the WC at HWL2017

RRD: Is there another way for SA to qualify for the World Cup?

Tim Drummond: We can qualify for the World Cup through Africa Cup of Nations.

RRD: Where to now for SA hockey?

Tim Drummond: Our focus is on winning the African Cup of Nations in October to qualify for the hockey World Cup.

RRD: What should the selectors do going forward?

Tim Drummond: Select the best team possible which will win Africa cup as well as building a squad for the Commonwealth Games and the World Cup in 2018. Continuity is hugely important within any team environment and the current squad of 30 players needs the time to work together to improve as a team.

RRD: With how things have panned out, what are the goals for you for the rest of the year?

Tim Drummond: I will do my best to be available for selection for the African Cup of Nations but I leave for Europe at the end of August to play club hockey in Holland.

On sponsors and corporate SA

RRD: How important is the relationship between Brand South Africa and SA Hockey for the future of Hockey locally?

Tim Drummond: It is  of great importance to us as SA hockey players. We take our responsibility  as players to provide the youth with an opportunity to pursue what they are passionate about and we are fortunate to be in that position where we can influence people through sport and thus providing them with an option while living in this incredible country!

RRD: How important is it for corporates to get involved with sponsoring hockey and individuals?

Tim Drummond: Massively important! Without the financial assistance, we struggle as players to get together for training camps and improve ourselves individually and more importantly as a Team. The financial support gives us that opportunity for talented players in this country to their potential against the worlds best who are playing hockey as full time professionals.

RRD: How’s your relationship with adidas been?

Tim Drummond: Adidas have been world class to me personally. Their hockey brand is innovative and continues to be the no1 hockey brand in my honest opinion.


Tim Drummond: Thank you for your support!

photos: Marcel Sigg

Run Ride Dive interviews

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