Garmin releases 2022 Connect Fitness Report with EMEA insights

Garmin has released its 2022 Garmin Connect Fitness Report, shedding light on the changing exercise habits of Garmin customers around the world as millions returned to pre-pandemic routines. The number of activities logged in the Garmin Connect™ fitness community app reached an all-time high, and the data reflects a shift in the movement of active lifestyle customers as they resumed travel to the office, to the gym and to their favorite vacation spots.

Here are some high-level insights:

  • Home-based activities that skyrocketed amid lockdowns such as indoor cycling and yoga leveled off, while indoor activities that couldn’t be performed in a home gym such as indoor running, indoor rock climbing and lap swimming rose sharply.
  • As leisure travel roared back in 2022, so did vacation-based activities such as resort skiing, scuba diving, sailing and surfing. Skiing/snowboarding was the fastest growing Garmin Connect activity, up 143% year-over-year.
  • Gravel cycling continues to be on a roll, with total activities logged up 40% over 2021.

This is the third year for the annual year-end report, and for the first time Garmin is sharing location-based rankings of EMEA users’ pace times and average steps per day.

South Africa:

Average Pace Per Mile:                      09:50.7
Average Daily Steps per User:            7,438

These stats put South Africa in the top 30 Countries across EMEA on the fitness report!

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