Hyundai Tuscon – Elegant and Efficient

Run Ride Dive Can You Drive It

Car Review: Hyundai Tuscon

There is something different with the newest model of the Tuscon.  It feels all grown up, and it looks the part as well. The design throughout is wonderfully elegant. It flows and it has its own sense of style, which is fantastic! There are too many vehicles right now that look basically the same; it’s great to see a vehicle have an identity. The Hyundai brand itself is much improved in this regard recently, and what’s even better is that its performance matches the look!

It isn’t that it had massive performance that makes the drive is so good, it’s that it feels like a cruiser. The automatic box is a breeze to drive, and its shifts feel well placed. It is also extremely reactive when you do need to put your foot down and power past things in traffic. We drove the Diesel and loved it! It makes good power at [email protected] Torque is even more impressive at [email protected]

Inside the Interior is neatly done, and has everything you’d expect from a SUV in this range. The reverse camera is a nice to have and we prefer it on the rear view mirror. For us it always feels that little more natural to be looking there while reversing. The middle computer view just feels off-putting honestly. It has also has blind spot detection which I didn’t quite get at first, but being in traffic quite a bit these days it started to make sense. It helps keep you aware of your surroundings which is never a bad thing – especially in Fourways traffic!

Run Ride Dive Can You Drive It


The claimed fuel consumption is 7,9 and we averaged close to that over the week with 8,3 which is really good given the size of the Tuscon. Space is excellent too though, definitely enough space for whatever life may throw at you. For a pure consumer perspective the 5 year/90,000kms service plan is average!

Pricing on the Tuscon Range:

Tuscon 2.0 NU Premium Manual From R379,900.00

Tuscon 2.0 NU Premium Automatic From R399,900.00

Tuscon 2.0 NU Elite Automatic From R469,900.00

Tuscon 1.6 T GDI Executive Manual From R449,900.00

Tuscon 1.7 Executvie MT Diesel From R449,900.00

Tuscon 1.6 T GDI Elite DCT From R534,900.00

Tuscon R2.0 Elite Diesel Automatic R534,900.00

Run Ride Dive Can You Drive It

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