How things change

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We all know it.

Watching Manchester United these days can be as exciting as watching the clock after just 20 minutes of a three hour higher grade mathematics exam paper.

My first instruction when writing these pieces was to be the ultimate fan boy. No matter what happens you back your club, your manager and your players. Sure, that’s part and parcel of being a fan, right? Absolutely. But, patience has worn thin.

I was one of the firmest backers of LVG at the start of the campaign. He said fans should give him at least three years before things come right, but these poor, yawn-generating displays have left supporters bemused by his strange methods and infamous “philosophy”.

Run Ride Dive Home

Without a win since November would it be better to snap up Jose Mourinho now that he is available? Would it be better to give Old Trafford hero Giggsy the keys to the Red machine?

At this point of time it is tough to say what exactly would restore normality. We are Manchester United and we need to be playing attacking football! Van Gaal’s methods seem archaic and out of touch in a league that is evolving at a rapid rate. Ashley Young as a defender isn’t going to win league titles.

Last night, we played good football with a vigour reminiscent of the glory days in terms of build-up play, but finding the back of the net is still a challenge. If two strikes from Juan Mata and Anthony Martial, that came back off the woodwork, went in I might have been talking in a different tune, but it didn’t.

We’re here again talking about what ifs, should’ve and could’ves. It is simply unacceptable from our beloved team and the fans deserve better. Will a manager change do anything to restore pride and mindset? I think so.

It looks like I’ve joined the #LVGout parade.

Run Ride Dive Home

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