Change starts with a goodbye LVG and a hello Special One

Run Ride Dive Home

Here we are again, talking Manchester United.

Despite a 3-0 FA Cup victory over Shrewsbury Town (and let’s be honest they were terrible) on Monday night and the subsequent qualification for a quarter final showdown against West Ham at Old Trafford on March 12, fans of the famous Red Devils are still not impressed with the status quo at the Theatre of Dreams, particularly after the 2-1 Europa League loss to a Danish team last Thursday night whose name sounds like something you would mumble in the morning after a hectic Friday night of boozing.

If you are like me then you are probably a more than frequent checker of social media to see if LVG has finally been given the boot.

But, that has not been the case, and as long as we continue to march on in the FA Cup then the longer LVG is going to be in the dug-out.

Mathematically we still stand a chance at a Top Four finish in the EPL (six points behind Man City), but personally I don’t see us being consistent enough to get there, even if City endure a string of bad results.

So, where to now?

Would FA Cup victory mark a successful campaign?

I guess it would, but it is simply not enough.

Any United fan would love to see us lift the famous old trophy at Wembley after 12 years, but even if we did go all the way to the final and win it, the underlying problems at Manchester United would still remain.

The FA Cup would certainly be great to add to the trophy cabinet, but the there are bigger fish to fry at MUFC and that starts with the board.

We want the league, we want the Champions League – we want it all!

Ed Woodward and the Glazers need to take a long hard look at themselves and at the state of the club, but they are too busy looking at sponsorship deals and market indicators.

Will the club continue to be one of the most profitable sporting brands in the world?

Probably, yes.

Continued poor results (bye bye Champions League) on the pitch in the present, however, could result in poor returns in the marketplace in the long-term.

Run Ride Dive Home

It has been said before, but we need instant success and it is quite clear that Jose Mourinho is the man to do that.

I truly did believe that LVG would be that guy with the big attitude to change things, but he chose to defy my belief by rather sitting on his backside in his chair scribbling notes like a mischievous schoolgirl in class.

It is an astounding contrast to the beaming face of elation he showed when Robin van Persie scored that wonder goal for the Netherlands against Spain at the 2014 World Cup.

“Can you imagine what LVG would tell Messi to do in a football match?” was a sincere question posed by a headstrong passionate United supporter on Twitter during the Barcelona versus Arrsenal match last night and I shudder to think about that possibility.

Anyway, Mourinho will bring attitude, style and a winning mentality.

Reports in the last few days have suggested that it’s a done deal and he will take over in the new campaign – let’s hope those rumours are true.

Forget his last season at Chelsea, we need someone who is going to square up to and get in the face of City’s new boss man Pep Guardiola.

Mourinho has always been popular with our fans, too, and I think that would bring an even better dimension to the fan-manager relationship.

That will hopefully rub off on the players and bing-bada-boom we’re back where we belong!

If only it was that easy, though.

Change starts, however, with a goodbye LVG and a hello Jose!

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