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This week we have an opponent who is well known in his own right, motoring correspondent, Sean Nurse! Sean is a long time friend of Run Ride Dive and has penned a piece or two in the past, especially before he made it to the big time. Sean is a Liverpool fan so we don’t talk football with him very often and on that note let’s get into the predictions. You can follow Sean on Twitter for a lot of car talk and perhaps some LFC misery. Sean gets pink because only Manchester United is red. We’re paying him by the word so we asked him to keep it short (no, really).

Sean: Everton v Arsenal: 1-2

Arsenal have the superior attacking force.

Dirk: Everton 2 – 1 Arsenal

Arsenal are a team in free fall right now. Their season is coming apart at the seams. Facing a confident Everton away from home is the last thing they need, and I expect a strong Everton performance to heap more pressure on the Gunners.

Marcel: Everton 1 – 0 Arsenal

Arsenal played in midweek. They lost. They lost to Barcelona which isn’t a disgrace but a week earlier they also lost to Watford in the FA Cup. Poor run continues against an in-form Everton for me.

RESULT: Everton 0 – 2 Arsenal

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Sean:  Chelsea v West Ham 2-0

Chelsea have struck a bit of form.

Dirk: Chelsea 2 – 2 West Ham

A London Derby on a weekend of Derbies. Usually Chelsea would come into this game as favourites, but West Ham are knocking on the door of the top 4. I think both sides will be going for the win, but they’ll even each other out.

Marcel: Chelsea 1 – 1 West Ham

Too competitive sides. West Ham playing well and scoring nice goals, Chelsea on a run of form second to none. Difficult to call a derby game like this but a draw would probably suit everyone except West Ham.

RESULT: Chelsea 2 – 2 West Ham

Sean: Crystal Palace v Leicester 0-3

Vardy and Mahrez are unstoppable

Dirk: Crystal Palace 1 -1 Leicester

Palace have looked a lot better since the return of Bolassie and I think the similar pace of the sides will result in an entertaining draw. Leicester have massive momentum at the moment and will be looking to strengthen their grip on top spot, and a draw will suffice.

Marcel: Crystal Palace 0 – 1 Leicester City

I think Vardy and co will have too much composure for Palace. Palace looked pretty decent last time  out but Leicester have got the counter attack style down.

RESULT: Palace 0 – 1 Leicester

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Sean: Southampton v Liverpool 0-1

Liverpool are the greatest…obviously. [Nothing like modesty Sean]

Dirk: Southampton 1 – 2 Liverpool

Liverpool are looking a lot more settled and the Klopp ideas are sinking in. Southampton have looked stronger in recent weeks but think Liverpool are just that little bit stronger right now and should edge this one.

Marcel: Southampton 0 – 2 Liverpool

Klopp’s boys will take this. Enthusiasm and stamina > than talent. The great motivator is getting the best out of his mediocre bunch and I can’t see Southampton being able to stop them.

RESULT: Southampton 3 – 2 Liverpool

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Harry Kane (BBC Sports)

Sean: Tottenham v Bournemouth 2-1


Dirk: Tottenham 2 – 0 Bournemouth

Spurs are strong right now and they’re the team most likely, if anyone does, to catch Leicester. I can see this as another strong win for Spurs and sorry to say Gunner fans, another step closer to making sure that this season their isn’t a Saint Totteningham day.

Marcel: Spurs 2 – 0 Bournemouth

Spurs are chasing the title. Only they can take it from Leicester in my book and they know they need to close the 5 point gap so every game is a cup final for them.

RESULT: Spurs 3 – 0 Bournemouth

Sean: Watford v Stoke 1-1

Their playing styles might make for few opportunities.

Dirk: Watford 1 – 1 Stoke

Both teams comfortably in the top half of the table. Their seasons are threatening to come to an easy end. Both aiming just for a new records EPL points haul, I think they’ll even out with an easy on the eyes draw.

Marcel: Watford 1 – 1 Stoke

Good win against Arsenal in the FA Cup and a draw against Stoke would also be a good result for Watford.

RESULT: Watford 1 – 2 Stoke

Sean: West Brom v Norwich 0-2

Norwich should break them down

Dirk: West Brom 1 -0 Norwich

Pulis knows how to survive in the EPL and even though Norwich got a good point in their draw against City. I don’t think they’ll have enough about them to get anything here away at West Brom.

Marcel: West Brom 1 – 0 Norwich

The tough games come thick and fast towards the end of a Premier League season and seemingly thicker and faster when you’re near the bottom of the table. I think West Brom will secure the points. Norwich seem to be running out of gas.

RESULT: West Brom 0 – 1 Norwich

Sean: Swansea v Villa 2-0

Villa are struggling too much.

Dirk: Swansea 2 – 0 Aston Villa

Swansea are looking a lot more dangerous lately with Gomis and Barrow getting some form back. They’ll have more than enough than the basically already relegated Villa.

Marcel: Swansea 1 – 0 Villa

Both teams are crap to watch. Villa can’t buy a goal and Swansea are just the lump of coal in your Christmas stocking. A match I’m happy to miss.

RESULT: Swansea 1 – 0 Villa

Sean: Newcastle v Sunderland 2-2

Should make for an enticing game.

Dirk: Newcastle 2 – 1 Sunderland

Benitez is a good manager and I think we’ll see a surge in form from a on paper decent Newcastle side. It’s derby time here and that’ll add even more urgency with the Magpies. This will be a massive 6 pointer so expect nerves to be stretched!

Marcel: Newcastle 1 -1 Sunderland

It’s derby day and it’s one of the big ones! Not many rivalries as fierce as this one. I think the managers need to instill the sense of pride in the jersey here. We need to see some passion, especially from Newcastle if they want to survive. Sunderland have their own off the pitch issues but the football should be exciting regardless.

RESULT: Newcastle 1 -1 Sunderland

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Sean: Man City v Man United 2-1

City have United’s number.

Dirk: Man City 2 -0 Man Untied

Buoyed by making the quarters of the Champions League for the first time in their history I see this being a much needed 3 points for City at home. Even without Kompany available they’ll be strong enough to hold off an out of sorts United.

Marcel: Manchester City 0 – 1 Manchester United

Another big derby game. City lost Kompany in mid-week action and they never do well in the match after a Champions League fixtrue. Then again LVG’s first side would probably lose to the Utd U20’s so it’s a big call to support them. City are sliding though and now’s the chance to help them along with a push.

RESULT: City 0 – 1 United

So, after an interesting footballing weekend Marcel 8 – Liverpool (Sean) 4 – Man City (Dirk) 4

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