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After last week’s massacre Dirk decided to take a break and we somehow managed to convince Jacques from @theyellowcap to give this a go while all the time protesting that he is a “boer” and knows nothing about football. Fortunately guessing sports results is a great leveler so let’s see what happens.


Marcel: Aston Villa 0 – 1 Swansea

Villa are shockingly poor. Swansea lost to Stoke on Monday but they have enough quality to see off Villa

Jacques: Aston Villa 0 – 1 Swansea

“I’m going on past results”

RESULT: Aston Villa 1 – 2 Swansea

Marcel: Leicester City 2 – 1 Crystal Palace

I think Palace will lose because Leicester play with an intensity few can match. They leak goals but they score so many on the break.

Jacques: Leicester City 1 – 2 Crystal Palace

“I’m going on past results”

RESULT: Leicester City 1 – 0 Crystal Palace

Marcel: Norwich 0 – 1 West Brom

Norwich haven’t done  anything to convince me they will survive.

Jacques: Norwich 0 – 1 West Brom

“I’m going on past results”

RESULT: Norwich 0 – 1 West Brom

Marcel:  Stoke 2 – 0 Watford

Stoke showed some desire at Swansea on Monday. Just too good for Watford in my book

Jacques: Stoke 1 – 1 Watford

“I’m going on past results”

RESULT: Stoke 0 – 2 Watford

Marcel: West Ham 2 – 1 Chelsea

Maybe more heart than brain here, I want West Ham to win. They are playing really well, maybe they can do it if they bring confidence to the fixture.

Jacques: West Ham 1 – 2 Chelsea

“I’m going on past results”

RESULT: West Ham 2 – 1 Chelsea

Marcel: Arsenal 3 – 0 Everton

Arsenal are the form team, electric pace and great finishing and lately even great work rates in midfield.

Jacques: Arsenal 2 – 0 Everton

“I’m going on past results”

RESULT: Arsenal 2 – 1 Everton

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image: chroniclelive.co.uk

Marcel:  Sunderland 0 – 1 Newcastle

The time has come for Newcastle to win a derby game. Last week’s 6 goals tell me they have the edge.

Jacques: Sunderland 2 – 1 Newcastle

“I’m going on past results”

RESULT: Sunderland 3 – 0 Newcastle

Marcel: Bournemouth 0 – 3 Tottenham

The perfect game for Harry Kane to find his goal scoring form.

Jacques: Bournemouth 0 – 2 Tottenham

“I’m going on past results”

RESULT: Bournemouth 1 – 5 Tottenham

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Marcel:  Manchester United 2 – 1 Manchester City

Derby day at Old Trafford. A must win game really. Anything but 3 points will be a let down.

Jacques: Manchester United 3 – 2  Manchester City

“I’m going on past results”

RESULT: Manchester United 0 – 0  Manchester City

Marcel: Liverpool 0 – 0 Southampton

Southampton aren’t anywhere near as good as last season despite Mane playing out of his skin.

Jacque:  Liverpool 2 – 1 Southampton

“I’m going on past results”

RESULT: Liverpool 1 – 1 Southampton

Hard luck Jacques, Marcel wins 9-6.

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