R16 Head2Head with Jeremy Brockie

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This week we are truly lucky to have an international player as our Head2Head opponent. Jeremy Brockie has represented New Zealand 48 times including the group stages in 2010 World Cup held in our own back yard.

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Jeremy is a Manchester United fan (that means great guy), who plays for Supersport United in the PSL. Previously Jeremy played in Australia for Wellington Phoenix, Newcastle Jets, Sydney FC and NQ Fury. Please follow Jeremy Brockie on twitter.

I won’t bore you guys with a big long story but what I will say as I feel very lucky to be able to do my dream job and am absolutely loving my time here in SA. My young family wife Jes, Daughter Piper and Son Oskar also are loving every moment of their time in this beautiful country. The weather is amazing and the people of this country are so friendly and always up for a chat.

Jeremy: Chelsea- Sunderland 3-0

Its has to be only a matter of time before Chelsea start moving up the ladder but I’ve been saying that for a long time now though but that just have far too much quality in the squad to keep them out for too long!

Marcel: Chelsea 2 – 0 Sunderland

Sunderland are still crap. I think I said this last week? Chelsea showed some signs of wanting to play and wanting to win in their latest defeat. Despite conceding two to Leicester Chelsea were probably the stronger team on the balance of play. Things have to turn for the grumpy one otherwise they will be in desperate trouble.

Dirk: Chelsea 2 – 1 Sunderland

A win to buy the Special One some more time. Chelsea are lack luster but Sunderland aren’t much better… Chelsea to sneak it by one.

RESULT: Chelsea 3 – 1 Sunderland

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Jeremy: Everton Leicester 2-2

I think there will be goals in this one, Lukaku and Vardy are both in great form and I expect this to continue. I’d love to see Leicester keep up the winning form although I sense they might drop a couple of points over the Christmas/New years period.

Marcel: Everton 1 – 2 Leicester

Another smash and grab performance by Vardy and co and then desperately try and hang on to the points to the final whistle? Claudio has had his glory game with the win against Chelsea now we will see if he can keep things on track at the King Power for a top 4 finish. The silly season is almost here and by the second week in January we will see what’s what when the chaff is separated from the wheat.

Dirk: Everton 1 – 1 Leicester

Two good teams in good form playing each other here. I think they’ll cancel each other out. Expect an exciting 1-1 draw.

RESULT: Everton 2 – 3 Leicester

Jeremy: Man Utd Norwich 2-1

As I Man Utd fan, After a defeat you’d expect them to come out firing and smash the next team they come up against. But these days I’d be happy with 3 points and won’t complain how they come. Fingers crossed they get a couple of players back from Injury.

Marcel: Manchester United 3 – 0 Norwich

Let’s put it like this .. if United don’t win by three I’m starting #VanGaalMustFall. I’m done with the negative possession play that takes too long to get the ball up field. The slow build ups look great on the stats screen but oh my gosh I can’t watch this crud anymore.

Dirk: Man United 1 – 1 Norwich

United may sneak it, but after their Bournemouth performance – can anyone expect them to win anything?

RESULT: Man Utd 1 – 2 Norwich (look for #LVGOUT on Twitter)

Jeremy: Newcastle Villa  2-0

This is a massive game, a 6 pointer between two teams that have been struggling. Villa have been consistently poor and Newcastle have been inconsistent. I expect Villa to get relegated this year and Newcastle won’t be giving them any favours as they are fighting for survival.

Marcel: Newcastle 2 – 0 Villa

The Magpies are improving. Wins against the liverplops and the spuds are helping them climb towards safety. I think I might have a soft spot for Newcastle based on past players like Shearer and Owen etc. Come on Newcastle get in there.

Dirk: Newcastle 2 – 1 Villa

Newcastle are a form team out of nowhere! Expect them to take this momentum further against a very disillusioned looking Villa.

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Jeremy:: Southampton – Spurs 1-2

Spurs will be wanting to bounce back quickly after looking comfortable against Newcastle but to throw away all 3 points late. I enjoy watching Spurs play and they are a desperately trying to finish in top 4 this year. Southampton do have quality throughout their squad and will have to keep an eye on Pelle and Mane

Marcel: Southampton 0 – 1 Tottenham

I was watching Spurs lose to Newcastle at the local Virgin Active and while I was quite happy for the home of Newky Brown Ale, I must admit Spurs only have themselves to blame for the result. Spurs are better than that. Southampton are letting me down every week with below par performances. Spurs win.

Dirk: Southampton 1 – 0 Spurs

I can see the Saints sneaking a 1-0 win here, as Spurs suffer a bit coming down from what has been a great period of great form.

RESULT: Southampton 0 – 2 Spurs

Jeremy:: Stoke- Crystal Palace 1-1

You never know what your’re going to get from stoke these days but they have plenty of talent and Hughes made some fantastic signings in the off season. It’s no surprise Palace are sitting where they are in the table either… SuperSport found out how good they were in Preseason so i’ll claim we helped them get that confidence for the premiership.Can’t seperate them this weekend.

Marcel: Stoke City 1 –  0 Crystal Palace

I have no confidence in this prediction. Stoke are playing above themselves but Palace are exciting. Stoke have Shaqiri, Palace have Bolasie. Two of the most exciting, unpredictable, inconsistent players in the premiership. Anything can happen really.

Dirk: Stoke 2 – 1 Palace

Stoke haven’t let in a goal with Shawcross on the field and I think this will help them pip Palace at home here. Both look like Europa League contenders this season, and this could well be a classic!

RESULT: Stoke 1 – 2 Crystal Palace

Jeremy:: West Brom  Bournemouth  2-1

I reckon Bournemouth will suffer a hangover from beating Man U and Chelsea. West Brom are hard to take points off them at home and will take confidence from the hard-earned point at Liverpool.

Marcel: West Brom 1 – 1 Bournemouth

Good result for West Brom when they almost snatched a win against Liverpool and Tony Pulis knows how to take the fight to the big teams. Bournemouth are a different kettle of fish with their fast attacking style. Not a game I want to watch though.

Dirk: West Brom 1 – 1 Bournemouth

A game of quite conflicting styles. I think tactically brilliant, but on the eye it will be somewhat stale. 1-1 draw for me.

RESULT: WBA 1 – 2 Bournemouth

Jeremy:: Swansea West Ham  2-1

Unfortunately West Ham have been hit with too many injuries to key players at the wrong time as they had performed very good this year, Swansea were very unlucky last week against City conceding so late and I think they are due to get a couple of wins under their belt.

Marcel: Swansea 1 -1 West Ham

West Ham started the season on fire like last season. The main difference, this season they playing football instead of that hoof and giraffe stuff under big Sam. They were quite watchable until the injury crisis. Swansea by contrast have been junk. Monk had done so well since replacing that other junk manager Rodgers until 2015/6 and now he too is gone after a string of poor results. Frankly the club should blame themselves for letting Bony leave for City but these things are quickly forgotten.  This game could go either way so I’ll sit on the fence.

Dirk: Swansea 0 – 2 West Ham

West Ham have looked strong on the road, and Swansea desperately need some direction, even though the performance against City was positive I can’t see them having enough to stop West Ham.

RESULT: Swansea 0 – 0 West Ham

Jeremy:: Watford Liverpool  1-3

Liverpool have been better away from home than at home this season and I really like the transformation the new coach Klopp is bringing to Liverpool, Sometimes a new coach will come along with new ideas and get a team playing much better with exactly the same players. Watford are batting above their weight this season but I think Liverpool will be too strong.

Marcel: Watford 1 -1 Liverpool

Watford sit above Liverpool at the start of the round and I hope it stays like this. I don’t think they have enough to beat Liverpool but the Reds are wasteful and besides who celebrates a draw with WBA? You don’t deserve my respect, go walk alone.

Dirk: Watford 1 – 2 Liverpool

Liverpool are another team that look stronger on the road and I think this will be the case again against Watford. Klopp’s men will be too strong for a surprisingly strong Watford side.

RESULT: Watford 3 – 0 Liverpool

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More draw celebrations this week scousers?

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The clash of the round

Jeremy: Arsenal Man City 2-1

This is a huge game in terms of the title race but I feel Arsenals attack will be too much for the Man City defense. Don’t get me wrong Man City’s attack is unreal as well but Man City has a weak defense and rely too much on Kompany being at the top of his game

Marcel: Arsenal 2 – 1 City

The gunners are finding the form they desperately need to grind out results and even though City are more finesse than hammer and tongs, Arsenal are bringing the fight to their games. A quality Wenger teams have lacked since the departure of Vierra.

Dirk: Arsenal 1 – 2 City

2nd play 3rd here and even though Giroud has been fantastic in recent weeks, Silva and Toure look hungry and there’s more fight in this City side.

RESULT: Arsenal 2 – 1 Man City

Scores: Marcel 7 / Jeremy 4 / Dirk 1

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