GWM Steed 5

Run Ride Dive Moto

The GWM Steed

Run Ride Dive Moto

The Steed 5 in single and double cab varieties

The Steed is the type of car you buy for your business. You buy it with the single-minded purpose of having a cost-effective workhorse, and I’m of the opinion, that’s where you should draw the line. I drove the double cab recently and while it’s not an unattractive vehicle, it’s also not going to win any design style awards.

I found the ride with no load to be very bouncy and the steering suffers from the same rather large turning circle as the H5 I reviewed recently. Apparently the ride smooths out a lot when carrying a load of 100kg or more in the load area.

Run Ride Dive Moto

I found the Steed to be pleasant to drive on smooth roads but on poor road surfaces the otherwise capable vehicle left me wishing I had stayed at home.

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