Run Ride Dive Can You Drive It


First Impressions

When the GWM C10 was delivered I was impressed by the styling of the little car. The updated grille is striking. The back is very much a copy of the previous Yaris, however the boot spoiler adds a nice touch.The boot space is limited. The rear seats do fold down though so you can always sacrifice a passenger or two for luggage or shopping.

Run Ride Dive Can You Drive It

The C10 is small, it’s attractive and in the current market, it’s cheap at only R 139 900 but it is packed to capacity with extras: multi-function steering wheel, USB/AUX port, airconditioning, electric windows & mirrors, mp3/cd player and park sensors are all standard equipment.

The Ride

Small cars often have pretty hard suspensions but the C10, although not silky smooth, does not bounce you around like a pinball. The 15″ rims are shoed with 185 rubber which fill the arches nicely.

My only real gripe is the driver’s seat. I found the back a little too firm. I struggled to find a position where my legs were comfortable under the steerng wheel. I adjusted the steering height and the seat height but just couldnt find that exact angle of the back and seat that made me feel perfectly happy.

The Engine

The 1.5 VVT engine deliveres a maximum of 77 KW which is reasonable if you are popping off to the shops for groceries or dropping the kids at school. Ideally I think this size of vehicle is suitable for persons who don’t carry a lot of luggage with them every day. Zero to 100 is achieved in 12.2 seconds, not exactly bank robbery material but neither is the price.

Run Ride Dive Can You Drive It

On the freeway you will wish you had more horses and maybe another gear but that’s not what the C10 was designed for. Don’t get me wrong, she will get to the speed limit but not with any haste. Yes, you could wring her neck and get the revs up before every gear change but you’ll sacrifice all the benefits of fuel economy that a 1.5 VVT offers.

In the city, you’ll be grateful that you can squeeze into smaller parking spaces, use less fuel than your 3.0 litre and still be zippy enough to get to 60 without embarrassing yourself.

What I like:

  • Attractive styling
  • Ride height
  • head room
  • rear seats fold down
  • Electric windows/mirrors standard
  • Front & rear fog lights standard
  • USB port

What I dislike:

  • not enough grunt
  • small boot
  • uncomfortably firm seats

I am happy to say I enjoyed this little car. It’s not a German car bursting with 100KW from a microscopic turbo powered diesel plant but it’s also not going to break the bank at only R139 900. And you know the Germans will charge you for those extras. At the same time, I wouldn’t be prepared to drive the C10 long distance on a regular basis.

I must admit I had never driven a GWM before this week long test, I don’t even know anyone who owns one. Chinese vehicles, possibly unfairly, don’t have the best reputations but this could well be changing.

Click here to go to the GWM website.

Run Ride Dive Can You Drive It

Controls for the radio fitted to the steering wheel


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