Greatest Premier League Season Ever?

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Unless you’ve been in a coma for the last 24 hours you must’ve already heard that Leicester City have won the English Premier League for 2015/6.

Winning the English league title is an accomplishment not many English clubs have achieved. Not even 2nd placed Tottenham (after 36 matches) have won the Premier League title yet. Their last league win was in 1961 when it was still the First Division.

This is Leicester’s first title, not just the first Premier win but the first top league win ever.

What distinguishes the Leicester win from say Blackburn or Leeds United is the manner in which they won and the staff involved. No superstar buys, no loaned stars from foreign leagues. In fact bar one or two, most of the top clubs probably wouldn’t take any of the Leicester players into their squad.

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It would be unfair to say Leicester have built a team from a bunch of misfits, rejects and bargain buys but none of their players commanded a large transfer fee and other than Schmeichel and Huth, none of them were known outside the Championship before they won the 2nd tier of English football 2 seasons back and yet, today, they stand tall and celebrate the unlikely. The improbable. The sublime.

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Is it more dramatic than City snatching the title on goal difference on the very last day of the season in 2011/12? Hard to say really because Leicester have been on top for more than 130 days and while that stat alone doesn’t mean much, City have spent over a billion Pounds in their endeavour to win and one could ask if a goal difference win is a reflection of  value for money.

Is this win better than the 2003/4 win of the Invincibles? I guess that depends on whether you’re a gunner or not. One thing is for sure, Leicester’s win is the most popular among all supporters, regardless of allegiance.

As a United fan I wasn’t too bothered who won the league between Leicester and Tottenham but there’s a feeling across the world that this is the best result if your own team couldn’t do it. I imagine a collective cheer went around the world when Hazard scored the equaliser for Chelsea late on Monday night and while Spurs fans are likely to be distraught they should take heart from the success this season has delivered.

I imagine that next season Spurs will be in the mix again while Leicester are unlikely to be contenders. Ranieri has said he expects to be in the top 10. I think he might be a little disappointed with anything less than top 6 and if they play the way they did this season they should aim higher.

Did I miss an exciting season? Got my facts wrong? Leave a comment or reach me on twitter.

A couple weeks ago I risked some predictions for the final placings, how close will I get?


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