Getting into road cycling on a budget.

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This article is aimed at people wanting to get into road cycling and have perhaps booked a road race such as 94.7. In it, I want to look at some great bikes at prices that will get you a quality bike, but hopefully won’t have the blood drain from the face of your bank manager.

Understand firstly that the initial start-up costs in cycling are high.

There are some things that you need to budget for at the start.

  1. A good helmet. Look at spending upward of R 600 for a decent helmet. You can get cheaper ones, however you really want to protect your brain in the event of an accident.
  2. Get a pair of gloves at some stage. These tend to go from R 250 – R 500.
  3. Decent bikes don’t come with pedals. You have two options here.a. Buy your bike and put a set of flat pedals on the bike. This will enable you to get used to the bike whilst spreading the overall set up costs over a few months. At a later stage you can get cleated pedals and shoes. (See next point)b. You can buy special cleated pedals and shoes. Budget about R 2000 for this. You will be far more efficient on a cleated system.
  4. Get a pair of cycling shorts. Embrace the culture, it’s time to get into Lycra. Your butt will be so glad that you did. A decent pair of shorts cost upward of R 500. You can always get a proper cycling shirt at a later stage.
  5. Buy a razor blade. Even if you are a guy you are probably going to shave your legs at some stage.
  6. Get a bottle cage or two so that you can take some nutrition on board. R 120 – R 240
  7. Get a saddle bag and put a spare tube and a set of tyre levers in it. You should have a basic gas bomb and adaptor in the bag to pump up your newly placed tube. Total cost for this should come to +/- R 600.

So, to summarise:

Immediate costs –

Helmet R 600 +
Shorts R 500 +
Saddle bag with stuff R 600 +/-
Bottle cage R 120 +

Put off costs-

Cycling shirt R 600 +
Cleat pedals and shoes R 2000 +/-
Razor blade R 10 +
Decent floor pump R 450 +

Now that we have you kitted, we need to get you on a bike.

We stock Giant, Cube, Felt and Silverback bikes.

As we get into August the South African suppliers often begin to run low on their current stock of bikes and start to look forward to the new models coming through. The problem this year is that the 2014 bikes will come through at a far higher price due to the weakening of the Rand. There will be an increase upwards of 20% on the new 2014 bikes. So, on the list below we will only look at bikes where there is still stock. Stock on some of these is limited.

Run Ride Dive Home

  • Giant Defy 4 R 6 750.00
Frame Aluminium
Fork Carbon fibre
Gears 8 x 2 speed – Shimano
Wheels Giant SR2 wheels
  1. Giant Defy 3 R 8 600.00 Run Ride Dive Home
Frame Aluminium
Fork Carbon fibre
Gears Shimano Sora 9×2 speed
Wheels Giant SR2 wheels
  1. Giant TCR 2 R 11 799.00 Run Ride Dive Home
Frame Aluminium SL Frame
Fork Carbon fibre
Gears Shimano Tiagra 10×2 speed
Wheels Giant P-R2 with DT Swiss hubs
  1. Silverback Strela 3 R 7 399.00 Run Ride Dive Home
Frame Aluminium
Fork Carbon fibre
Gears Shimano Sora 9 speed
Wheels Alex R500 double wall
  1. Silverback Strela 2 R 8 999.00 Run Ride Dive Home
    Frame Aluminium
    Fork Carbon fibre
    Gears Shimano Tiagra 10 speed
    Wheels Alex race 28 double wall.

    You can always look at upgrading parts of your bike such as your rear derailleur.

Hope this helps and all the best as you choose the right bike for you. All our prices include a full bike setup and we do your first service free of charge.

Run Ride Dive Home

Run Ride Dive Home

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