Getting down and dirty (very dirty) at Warrior Race #1

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Run Ride Dive News

Getting down and dirty (very dirty) at Warrior Race #1

Over the last year, I have been struck by many crazy impulses of the “it seemed like a good idea at the time” variety. So that I don’t feel too alone, I try and rope my friends into joining me in my crazy, which seldom works. However, in my friend Sebastian I seem to have created a monster. Not only does he see my crazy, he raises the bar to unprecedented levels. This is how I came to enter the Warrior Race, a 6km mud bath with barbed wire, cargo nets, some mud, some climbing, some climbing through mud, and some mud.

From leopard crawling under barbed wire through mud (where I almost lost two shoes and a pair of pants), to dropping into a mud pit and having to be bodily lifted out, to running through mud and clambering over and out of an 80m mud pit, my day consisted mostly of, you guessed it, mud. There were also a few climbs, up a cargo net, which I managed, and up a near vertical wall with a rope, which I did not. In fact, I failed spectacularly, slipping right near the top, giving myself rope burn in an unmentionable place, and landing on the poor unsuspecting gentleman underneath me (sorry about that dude). I chickened out of jumping off 6 metres of scaffolding into another mud pit, chiefly because I am terrified of heights and also I wasn’t convinced my pants would survive it, but I am assured it was just as terrifying as I thought it would be. There were probably some other obstacles in there that I blocked out in self-defence.


The highlight of the day was definitely my team, a bunch of extreme nutters if ever there was one. I asked a couple of them to share their thoughts on why they entered and what they had to say about it. Team Peaceforce FTW! Lets not do that again.

Nicola: I returned from the states in Jan 2013 to find that all my BEST friends had entered this crazy race  called “Warrior”. I then decided that I had to be part of the race as a LEO never misses out! The warrior experience was something that I have never experienced before and will never do again!!  Had fun with my mates in doing something we have never done before. A lot more exciting than our usual day of drinking and BBQ’s. 🙂

Chad: Been wanting to do an activity during the day, to get out and have a bonding session with friends. The experience was mind blowing, felt very proud to complete the course. And experience such oneness with my fellow warriors.

Seb: I have been a member of The Official Boot Camp South Africa in Paulshof since September last year, which besides offering general fitness and strengthening training is also preparation for just this type of event. It was one of the best experiences of my short life. A day spent with good mates and complete strangers, all offering a dirty muddy hand, a smile and a few words of encouragement when you really need it.

Llewellyn: I did the race coz Seb entered me in. It was also something new for me and was keen to see what’s its all about and to test my fitness. It was an absolutely amazing experience. So much fun, great team work & support!! I even found myself speaking different languages towards the end 🙂

Talia: I entered for the new experience of it all, and to test my level of fitness. Just for the fun of it and always looking for more adventurous things to do. It was definitely one of the best things I have ever experienced. Both on a fitness level, and doing it with the team that we were. Lots of support and motivation, and it was a very humbling experience to have that shared with the team i was with. I am very proud of every single one of us. Was an amazing feeling when we had finished.

Dave: I like team sports with men in tight tops, covered in mud.  The experience would have been much better if some of those men in tight tops, covered in mud, were riding horses bareback.

So there you have it folks. From zero to Warrior in one day, quite an amazing achievement. Now I’m off to try and get the last of the mud out from under my toenails. Until the next crazy impulse strikes, over and out.

Oh, and PS thanks to Nicola and Peaceforce Security for the awesome team shirts. Hoo haa!

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