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How was your 2011 racing season?

Very tough, a lot of bad luck and issues caused me a few problems, to think we were leading the Championship halfway through the year and to end up in 3rd it was a bit disappointing.

What are your expectations for 2012?

We must go for the gold! I have some sort of good feeling about this year, I’ve been training hard off track and the Ferodo Racing team have worked long hours!
What has been your biggest challenge going into 2012?

I’d have to say Gary Formato and Graeme Nathan. Those two “experienced” drivers have done very well in the past but we’re up for the challenge this year!

Who do you think was the best local racing driver in 2011?

Shew this is a very tough decision, there are so many drivers doing so well. I’d say that Michael Steven had a mega year to take the Class A title! Also Leeroy Poulter had a great 1st season in S2000 Rallying!

Where is your next event? And where can people find out information on you or the racing series you participate in? 

Next round of the Wesbank Super Series is at Killarney in Cape Town, 31st March! Either follow me on Twitter @Bonafede32 or go to , or

Your pick to win this year’s WRC and F1 titles?

Sheesh, to be honest I back Lewis Hamilton this year, the Mclaren looks great and if he can sort out his personal life he has the talent to win! In the WRC, we were fortunate to be in Monte Carlo for the 1st Round! The Ford team look much stronger this year but I have to say, Sebastian Loeb still looks favourite, the man is incredible! Watch out for Sebastian Ogier in the VW Polo WRC car for 2013 though, that team are going to enter the scene on a strong front foot!

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