FUTURE by Puma

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a period of time following the moment of speaking, writing; time
regarded as still to come. Except for PUMA, who have always
considered the Future to be here.

FUTURE was already here back in 1952, when PUMA launched the first screw-in football studs ever, on
the Super Atom.
FUTURE was also here in 1968 when the legendary PUMA King came out and in 70’s was updated with a
revolutionary flat structure that made it lighter. It was also the first ever boot to use Kangaroo leather
introducing unprecedented touch, a perfect addition to Eusebio, Pelé, and Cruyff’s already awesome

FUTURE was here in 1982 when Diego Maradona played his first World Cup in the PUMA Torero boot. An
invention by company founder Rudolf Dassler’s son Armin, that came equipped with a highly flexible
DUOFLEX sole with two joint zones perfect for flexibility when turning defenders inside out.
FUTURE was here in 1993, when PUMA produced the first shoe utilizing the super strong yet light weight
material, Kevlar, the PHANTOM KEVLAR PRO.

FUTURE was here in 2006, when PUMA released the V1.06, the first groundbreaking lightweight speed
boot with a full textile upper on the market.
FUTURE was here in 2014, when PUMA introduced the evoPOWER, designed to mimic the freedom of
movement during the barefoot kicking motion to enhance a player’s natural striking ability.

FUTURE is the first football boot with a truly customizable fit. NETFIT technology allows the wearer to
lace their boots any way they want in order to fit perfectly, no matter the foot shape or lock-down need.
The FUTURE is made for those players that change the game in an instant, those that play with instinct,
and invent play on the pitch.
That’s why we have a boot that allows for complete individuality in both fit and style

Run Ride Dive Home New Products

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