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The Ford EcoBoostChallenge is in Johannesburg on it’s fifth and final stop of a nationwide tour which started several weeks ago in Bloemfontein with stops in Cape Town and Port Elizabeth.

I dropped in at Sandton City to take part in the media’s EcoBoostChallenge which consisted of a fun challenge and first-hand experience of some of the fantastic new tech in the Ford range of automobiles. New tech available in the Fusion, the Everest and some Wildtrak Rangers is the self-driving parallel park mode, a simply mind-blowing tech which allows the car to park itself perfectly in a tight spot. The biggest challenge is not interfering with the steering wheel while the car parks itself.

Being super-competitive, I had to try top the times for the driving challenge which included some nifty hoola-hooping and loading/unloading a week’s worth of groceries. That doesn’t sound like much of a challenge? Try driving over curbs and raised curbs without losing the balls loosely placed in a saucer stuck on the bonnet. Regardless, yours truly was the only one to go sub 2 minutes on the challenge so here’s to me.

Getting ready for business #ecoboostchallenge #Ford

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It’s open to the public today so get down to Sandton City and have a good look and feel, maybe test drive a new Fiesta or take a ride in the Mustang and experience the exhilarating acceleration and braking power of America’s finest horse in 2016 guise. Take your driver’s license and enter the challenge, remember 1:58 is the time to beat!

Run Ride Dive Home


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