Fitbit Charge HR review

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I picked up this handsome device about 2 weeks ago and immediately found the design appealing. Not only is the unit light and comfortable to wear 24 hours a day but it’s size is less intrusive than many other similar devices.

The display screen is quite simple but that’s why you’re not recharging it every day, instead you can go 5 days between charges and then it’s only a max 2 hour recharge before you’re ready for another 5 days of uninterrupted data logging of all your walking, running, climbing and … sleeping.

Run Ride Dive Lifestyle News

A game of football was played

Here you can see I had a reasonably active June 4th. 10000 steps are pre-set goal on the device (tick), the resting Heart Rate was measured some time in the night while I slept, somewhat higher than my normal 52-55 but still more or less in the ballpark. Total exercise time of 68 minutes corresponds roughly to the game of football I played and the distance includes the stairs up and down to my office during work hours.

Run Ride Dive Lifestyle News

Sleep is good for you

On Sunday I had a bit of a sleep in. 16x restless for 24 minutes .. who knows what we dream?

Run Ride Dive Lifestyle News

Make sure you drink enough water!

You can track the volume of water you drink and calories you eat. The app allows you to capture barcodes and upload foods that are not in the Fitbit database. Either I eat exotic foods or the South African foods are not in their database. Fear not, you can add all the data yourself. You’ll want to do this if you want to track your calorie intake versus calorie burn. A useful tool to track weight loss or gain. Of course you have to capture all the foods you consume for an accurate reading.

Run Ride Dive Lifestyle News

Diet plan – easy to aggressive

The Fitbit HR is an exceptionally good looking device. Unlike some other devices it isn’t bulky and since you wear it on your wrist in place of a watch there’s less chance of forgetting it at home like I have many times with the Momentum Health’s clip-on-belt step counter.

The app links via bluetooth from a smartphone and updates to the Fitbit website too. The website gives additional information such as the cumulative total of steps/stairs/hours trained and the daily average.

Nice touch is the email notification that your battery needs recharging and the badges you receive for achievements like 10,000 steps or climbing more than 10 flights of stairs in a day.

I definitely recommend this device to anyone in the market for a step counting device with the added functionality as described above. The only thing the Fitbit is not suitable for is swimming so if you’re wanting to track laps in the pool you’ll be wanting to look at a tri-athlon or multi-sport device like a Bryton Cardio 60.

I called my Medical Aid company to find out if the Fitbit was on the list of recognised devices to qualify for the their rewards program and the consultant advised that they were looking into it and an answer should be available by end of the month.

Product supplied by Cape Union Mart. Priced at R 2299 including free delivery from their online shop.

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