Fiat Panda

Run Ride Dive Can You Drive It

Fiat Panda 1.2 Young

It is really a perfect starter run around car. It’s not a serious car at all but is in all ways extremely fun to drive! In Johannesburg the highways do feel slightly intimidating as it is only a 1,2 litre motor. Though it does a lot with what it has, it is still only a 1,2 litre motor Run Ride Dive Can You Drive It   in Jozi! Its consumption was excellent though and it was a comfortable drive. Visually it’s an extremely cute car and as a town/city car it’s perfect, it fits everywhere, has enough nip to be fun to drive in the lower gears. The higher gears make the car feel a little over revved at times, but that could be trying to navigate complicated SA highways, something these cars were definitely not designed for!

There is of course limited space in the Panda but it has more than enough for your daily needs. It’s practical for specific uses really. If I was living in a city making constant short trips the Panda would be perfect. Staying in Greece I could see it being a practical way to get around. For a highway city like Johannesburg it does at times feel cumbersome. Safety features are there though they are just the basics but for the price it’s to be expected. For the price you pay the Panda is actually excellent value!

The manual 5 speed gearbox works in the Panda and it works beautifully in the lower gears while the higher gears always feel a tad Run Ride Dive Can You Drive It   stretched. It has nicities like air conditioner, electric windows and central locking which sometimes in this price range you don’t get. Drive wise it has ABS which is good and it feels well finished inside. It isn’t sophisticated at all but it’s neatly done. The look of it in general is cute, but it isn’t a manly car. It has that feeling of being a very soft car. It has a boot that’s a little small but compared to the size of the car is actually a decent size.  It is a simple car really and doesn’t have things like auto windscreen wipers but does have the necessities such as central locking.


Specs worth noting:

  • Price: R109,900.00
  • Gearbox: 5-speed Manual
  • Power Output: [email protected]
  • Torque: [email protected]
  • Air Conditioner: Yes
  • Electric Windows: Yes
  • Air-Bag: Driver and Passenger
  • Side Impact Protection: Yes
  • Brakes: ABS and EBD

Run Ride Dive Can You Drive It


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 Photos supplied by Quickpics.

Run Ride Dive Can You Drive It

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