FEAT Award calls for adventures to sponsor

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FEAT Award calls for creative, low-budget adventures to sponsor

Adventures don’t have to cross continents nor take place over multiple months. Weekend adventures or those spanning one or two weeks are no less adventurous. With a small budget and short duration they have a low impact on wallets, annual leave and time away from family. These are the adventures that this year’s FEAT Award is looking to support.

“Use what you’ve got, borrow what you haven’t, stick to a discipline you know and use the budget to fund your adventure,” says Lisa de Speville, creator and organiser of Fascinating Expedition and Adventure Talks (FEAT).

This year’s FEAT Award limits proposals to total budgets of no more than R20,000. FEAT Award will contribute half; the applicant must put in half.

Last year the FEAT Award was not given out.

“Three proposals were submitted but all were for big adventures with hefty budgets. FEAT’s contribution doesn’t make much of a difference when you’re talking a quarter-million budget. But if the total budget is less than R20,000 then FEAT’s contribution really has an impact,” de Speville says.

“I think that possible applicants do not submit proposals because they think that their adventure concept is too small or too short,” she adds. “These are exactly the ones we’re looking for.”

Costs can be greatly reduced by creating self-sufficient (without vehicular support) adventures using equipment already in the cupboard – and borrowed from friends. Camping, staying in hostels and preparing your own meals also keeps costs down. It is possible to fly to interesting places for less than R8,000 and many of these places are visa-free for South Africans.

After telling Mark Jackson from Performance Brands – one of FEATs sponsors under their Capestorm brand – about this year’s FEAT Award, he replied in support of this year’s FEAT Award limitations, providing an example from his own experience.

“In July last year I went for a great adventure to the top of the Drakensberg, with Kobus, where we got caught in a blizzard. It was fantastic! The three days cost around R3,000 all in. I have some phenomenal memories and photos from this trip.” His adventure companion, Kobus Bresler, was a speaker at FEAT in October 2011. (http://www.featsa.co.za/2011/10/kobus-bresler/)

FEAT Award applicants must be South African (and living in South Africa) and over 18. Although there is no limit to the distance, duration and destination of the adventure, applicable sporting disciplines must be human-powered – no 4x4s, dirt bikes or jet skis. Organised events and commercial or guided trips are not eligible.

“We’re looking for original, creative and inspirational adventures,” de Speville says.

The application form can be downloaded from the FEAT website (http://www.featsa.co.za/feat-award/). The submission deadline is noon on Monday, 9 September 2013. The winner will be announced at the annual FEAT Talks evening on Thursday, 10 October 2013 at the Victory Theatre in Houghton, Johannesburg. Applicants have a year in which to undertake the adventure. www.featsa.co.za


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