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This weekend we have the first United supporter on the Head2Head challenge in what feels like an age. Steye is one of our top 3 players on the superbru prediction table. Bordering on an impressive points haul of nearly 200, it’s safe to say that Dirk and Marcel have their hands full this weekend with a proper challenge, as they both languish in the 160s.

Steye is of Dutch extraction and discovered his love for the greatest club in the world while attending a Europa Cup final against Barcelona with his dad in Rotterdam. He fondly recalls the Mark Hughes goal that won United the trophy!

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After 23 rounds HansDas has a sizeable lead but Steye and @ndre007 are in the running with 15 games to play.

Steye: Chelsea v Arsenal: 2 – 1 WP

The home advantage of Chelsea gives them an edge. They are the team to beat this season and I believe a volatile Arsenal will have to wait yet another season to be true contenders. It will be hard-fought but nevertheless a deserved 2-1 victory for this year’s champs.

Dirk: Chelsea 1 – 1 Arsenal

Chelsea are stronger right now, but Arsenal have been showing flashes of what they’re capable of. I think they’ll give a performance here to show they’re still in the title race. I don’t see them winning away from home, but they’ll pick up an important point.

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Marcel: Chelsea 2 – 0 Arsenal WP

What’s up with Arsenal? A loss to Watford really was a surprise for me. Chelsea went to Anfield and should’ve left with all the points. Can they really afford to drop points to a top 4 rival? I think Conte will make sure of a win at the Bridge.

Result: Chelsea 3 – 1 Arsenal

Steye: Crystal Palace v Sunderland: 2 – 1

These two teams are dyer for a victory as there changes of relegation are high. I believe Crystal Palace’s win last game in combination with the support at a packed and cozy Selhurst Park will contribute to their 2-1 victory.

Dirk: Crystal Palace 2 – 1 Sunderland

Palace had a good win mid-week and will look to build on that result at home against Sunderland. Sunderland were somewhat lucky to get a point from their clash with Spurs but I don’t think they’ll be that lucky twice in a week!

Marcel: Crystal Palace 2 – 1 Sunderland

This is really just a case of rolling a dice and writing two numbers down. Sunderland on their day could beat Palace while Palace on their day could take points off the top 6. It’s a dogfight to avoid relegation and this is a six-pointer.

Result: Palace 0 – 4 Sunderland

Major upset 9% predicted this

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Steye: Everton v Bournemouth: 1 – 0 WP

Everton have made some solid purchases this winter with the likes of Schneiderlin in an already solid team under solid coaching of Ronald Koeman. Bournemouth has been struggling for form and this will continue as they loose 1-0 by the attacking Belgian bulky pride Lukaku will sneak in the winner.

Dirk: Everton 2 – 0 Bournemouth WP

Everton are growing from strength to strength lately, and could possibly start putting some pressure on the top 6. They drew at a difficult away trip to Stoke, though the goal itself was somewhat lucky, they did well to come back with a point. Cherries don’t travel well and I think Everton will take advantage and pick up another good 3 points here.

Marcel: Everton 1 – 0 Bournemouth WP

As usual, Everton let you down when you think they should win and then surprise you when you write them off.  Perhaps I’m not giving Stoke enough credit and since I didn’t watch the game I am just assuming Everton failed to win. The Cherries don’t travel that well, Goodison Park atmosphere will be like an extra player.

Result: Everton 6 – 3 Bournemouth

Steye: Hull v Liverpool: 0 – 2

This is an excellent chance for Liverpool to redeem themselves after a blemishing cup disaster. The manage to tie up Chelsea and this confidence will help them take 3 points away from Hull who after a solid draw against Manchester United will be more adventurous at home. This will lead to a 0-2 defeat.

Dirk: Hull 0 – 1 Liverpool

Hull were brave and their keeper was excellent against Liverpool. I think Liverpool did well against Chelsea and with some better finishing in the first half could have won that game. I think Liverpool will do one better than United managed midweek and find a goal.

Marcel: Hull 0 – 1 Liverpool

I was considering giving Hull a point in this fixture because they were able to keep United out in the previous round but unless Liverpool have completely lost interest in the title I expect they will bounce back from a miserable, for them, January.

Result: Hull 2 – 0 Liverpool

Major upset 5% predicted this

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Steye: Southampton v West Ham: 1 – 2 WP

This is a hard one to call as both teams have endured some knocks recent weeks in results and in loosing out of key players like Payet (even though initially it seemed to improve their play until the last game). Southampton defence is torn apart as they loose their second center back Van Dijk due to injury. This in combination with better quality of players at West Ham will give them the 1-2 away victory.

Dirk: Southampton 1 – 1 West Ham

Both teams are in some proper inconsistent form. I think they both won’t have the killer instinct needed to get all three points. Interesting game for sure, but will end in a draw.

Marcel: Southampton 1 – 0 West Ham

I don’t have any insight into this fixture. I expected more from the Hammers against City. Southampton at home. Neither is prolific in front of goal. Home win.

Result: Southampton 1 – 3 West Ham

Upset 24% predicted this

Steye: Watford v Burnley: 1 – 2

This is another game that is hard to call as there is not much between them and it will likely end in a draw, but I feel that Burnley has more quality and strength in their team with the like of Belgian international Defour. The team of Sean Dyche will cause an upset and take all points away to Burnley.

Dirk: Watford 2 – 1 Burnley WP + MP 

After an excellent win against Arsenal Watford should be buoyant. At home against a surprisingly 9th Burnley I’m backing them to win. Burnley though have shown they’re no easy push-overs and will definitely take the game to Watford.

Marcel: Watford 2 – 1 Burnley WP + MP

Burnley are among the worst Premier League travellers. Watford have rediscovered a little form against Arsenal and will hope to reaffirm their ambition to stay in the top tier of English football.

Result: Watford 2 – 1 Burnley

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Steye: West Brom v Stoke: 2 – 2

These teams drew their last game and will settle for a draw again. It will be an energetic game filled with goals from both sides as they both want the win. Good old attacking English football that results in a 2-2 draw.

Dirk: West Brom 1 – 0 Stoke WP + MP

Stoke should have beaten Everton in mid-week, and this shows how strong they’re currently looking. West Brom right now are far from an easy fixture and are arguably one of the form teams of the league. I think they’ll be organised to see off Stoke.

Marcel: West Brom 1 – 0 Stoke WP + MP

I’m starting to believe that WBA have it together. They’ve taken points off stronger sides than Stoke and can be a real menace with the way they play. WBA will see this as an opportunity to close the gap on Everton in 7th place.

Result: WBA 1 – 0 Stoke

Steye: Spurs v Boro: 2 – 0 WP

The Spurs have been struggling to take the win in their last games but this should increase their confidence again as the demolish a very weak Middlesbrough. Under the superior skills of attacking mastermind Eriksen, goal-thief Kane, and super talent Ali they will clench the 2-0 victory. The might not keep the 0 as they do miss the intelligence and skill of Vertonghen at back.

Dirk: Spurs 2 – 1 Boro WP

I’d love Boro to upset Spurs here – like Sunderland frustrated them in midweek. I just don’t see them doing enough here to see off Spurs excellent attack. Too many draws for Boro lately, but this fixture they’ll come away with no points.

Marcel: Tottenham Hotspurs 3 – 0 Middlesbrough WP

Boro are literally hanging on to the last spot above the relegation zone by the skin of their teeth. If Palace beat Sunderland, Boro are in the drop zone. Stuff’s about to get very real. Spurs have way too much class and a wealth of options and should be able to break Boro down, repeatedly.

Result: Tottenham 1 – 0 Boro

Steye: Man City v Swansea: 2 – 1 WP + MP

This has all the requirements of an upset. On a quality level this should be an easy victory for City. Without players like Bony, Swansea have been struggling to be consistent, but 3 victories in the last 4 games have boosted Swansea’s confidence in their abilities. In the end i went for the obvious and called a 2-1 victory for City.

Dirk: Man City 3 – 0 Swansea WP

City were excellent against West ham and at home should take the momentum into this game. Swansea have improved massively since Clement took the reigns but this wrong time to be playing City. Expect a rampant afternoon at the Etihad.

Marcel: Manchester City 3 – 1 Swansea WP

Swansea have recently beaten Southampton and Liverpool but City is a different prospect. Liverpool are impressive at their best but when all the parts are not gelling it looks a lot more like chaos than a plan. City are poor at the back and could be unravelled with a decent cross or two but should have enough go-forward with the arrival of Jesus.

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Steye: Leicester v Man United 1 – 2 WP

When Manchester United can’t even beat Hull at home one has to think what they are going to do away against a volatile but still dangerous Leicester supported at home. This will likely end in a draw but when i saw how pissed Mourinho was after the goalless draw I’m sure it scared the colours out of Pogba’s hair and finally bench him and bring on the likes of Mata, Mkhitaryan, Lingard or Rooney on the number 10 position to increase their creativity and goal prowess! I might be delusional with this one, but a 1-2 away win i call it nevertheless.

Dirk: Leicester 1 – 2 Man United WP

Leicester have been completely bewildering this season, from the highs of last year to the mess of this season. They are truly flirting with relegation, and need a swift change in, well, everything really. Man United have been strong, though too many draws have blighted their Champions League challenge. They should win here to keep pressure on the top 4.

Marcel: Leicester 0 –  2 Manchester United WP

Anything less than a win at Leicester could well end the challenge for the elusive top 4 we so desperately need. I’m prediciting a win because I believe United should comfortably see off the joke of the season, but after the draw at Hull and several others this season, who knows?

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 Name  Steye   Dirk  Marcel
 WP 6 6 7
 MP 2 4 4
 Total 8 10 11

Before the round started, the table stood as below:

 SEASON 2016/7

 Name  Guest  Dirk  Marcel
 WP 81 76  78
 MP  24  28  42
 Total 105  104  120
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