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If you’ve ever gotten the feeling that everyone you know is driving some derivative of VW’s Polo, you’re probably not far from the truth if the latest sales figures are anything to go by.

February 2013 sales figures were reported as:

Model                           Volume
1.    VW Polo Vivo          2742
2.    Toyota Etios            2204
3.    VW Polo                  2192
4.    BMW 3-Series         1075
5.    Toyota Corolla         1048
6.    Ford Figo                   982
7.    Toyota Fortuner          927
8.    Nissan Micra              806
9.    Golf7                          767
10.    Ford Focus              596

Judging by the top 10 list alone, almost one Polo is sold for every other car by the other 8 represented on the list. One of which is the new Golf 7. Things are indeed looking good for VWSA judging by these numbers.

More surprising perhaps than the vast number of budget VW’s is the 1075 units of 3-Series BMW’s sold. Sure, most of them won’t be M3’s but that’s a big number of luxury saloons. Toyota’s have always done well in South Africa. A reputation built on reliability kept sales volumes high for many decades. Let’s be honest here, there’s isn’t an attractive Toyota anywhere in the world. Functionally brilliant perhaps like a Land Cruiser but beautifully crafted or visually stirring, not a chance.


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