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Woodhill Country Club Golf Course Review

Woodhill Country Club is located in the Eastern suburbs of Pretoria. This course is designed by Peter Matkovich and is a fantastic course. I really look forward to playing Peter Matkovich courses. His designs are always aimed at making golf enjoyable for all levels of golfers. Some course designers these days seem have the philosophy to make a course which is a tough test for professionals. They seem to forget that the majority of golfers who put money into this sport, fit into the “Everyday Golfer” category. Some of these more difficult course designs simply put the fear of God into beginner golfers and chase many of them away from the game. So when I hear a course layout has been influenced by Mr Matkovich, I am then really keen to check it out.

His courses always include holes with imagination and often have places on the course with majestic views. Check out the pictures in this article. You will see a beautifully manicured course with every photo is a picture which could go on your office wall. It was also overcast and drizzling when I played, so my pictures could be even better.

So, the course is a peach and I need to play it again. I loved it. Off course the facilities are good for a course housed within an Estate. Often the Clubhouse in Estates is multipurpose for the Estate Residents and the facilities are not then purely directed towards golfers. Woodhill’s setup is more than adequate. The Pro-shop, change-rooms and halfway all competently fulfil their functions, but it is the course itself which steals the show.

The condition of the course was excellent. Being the end of Summer the course has had plenty of rain and it showed. The tee boxes and fairways had held up well, considering how much rain had fallen in the days prior to my round and the greens were really lovely. The rough wasn’t too punishing in general, which is obviously a bonus for us fairweather golfers. Unless you really spray it wildly around, there are very few areas where you will be completely dead.

I would highly recommend playing Woodhill Country Club. I definitely want to have a second crack at this course. Hopefully we can share a fourball.

My favourite hole – Number 7 – par 3 – Well framed tee shot which requires a pinpoint shot through a narrow opening.

My worst hole – Number 5 – par 5 – I like interesting holes but this hole has a blind shot to the green. I am not a fan of blind shots, especially when you have never played the course before. You just hit and hope you find your ball when you get there.

Overall Experience rating by the Everyday Golfer: 9 out of 10.

2024 St Bernard Drive, Garsfontein, Pretoria, 0081
Tel: 012 998 0011

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