Eugene hopes for dry Brands Hatch British F3

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Deneyssen holding thumbs for a dry Brands Hatch British Formula 3 weekend

South African Eugene Denyssen is quietly hoping for a dry weekend for the second round of the British Formula 3 championship at Brands Hatch in Kent, England 16-17 April. It’s not that he at all minds racing in the wet, but the Somerset West youngster is pining for some dry running following a typical wintry Blighty start to the season.

“It is as if someone forgot the tap off!” Eugene joked. “Most of our testing and the first round was either in the wet or in drying conditions, or it’s been delayed by wild winds and driving rain. “But that’s England, I suppose!”

Former karting star Eugene is however looking forward to the Brands Hatch weekend whatever the conditions and is more concentrated on a clean weekend’s racing rather than relying on dry conditions. “We had a car problem that put us behind in the first heat at Snetterton,” Eugene revealed. “That put us on the back foot because even though the line was dry, it was so difficult to pass on the damp off-line, so I hope to be able to qualify and race without any issues this time.”

“I’ve also done some extra testing at Rockingham since the last race and feel a lot more confident in the car and in myself,” Eugene added. “I focussed on the details I learnt from the first race and I’m excited to have upped my game. “We showed some good pace in Rockingham, so  I’m looking forward to the next race especially since the first hurdle is behind us and I know more what to expect. “Now we can concentrate on my goals of learning as much as I can and to build myself accordingly as a driver.

“It’s also special to be racing at Brands Hatch,” Denyssen concluded. “It’s famous track with so much history and legend – I have to pinch myself sometimes to appreciate what we are doing here…”

Keep up to Eugene’s progress through the weekend ob

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