End of June Ocean Blue Scuba Preview

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Scuba preview for end of June

Yesterday was a rather gloomy day in Durban, we had loads of rain and it was quite chilly.  However we had 4 very brave students brave the elements and come and complete their pool sessions for their Scuba Diver certification.  Choosing not to do the Open Water dives today as the weather was predicted to not be conducive.  And for once the weather man got it right, after a rather miserable morning the weather seems to have cleared up and it looks like we are in for a rather nice weekend for diving.


Run Ride Dive News

Photo credit: VSmithUK / Foter.com / CC BY-SA – Guitar Shark

Apart from our students finishing off their Scuba Diver certification this weekend we have a few other interesting dives happening this weekend.

Weather forecast for the weekend is minimal wind and temperatures in the 20s.  Despite the rain yesterday the visibility is still looking good out there and the swell is predicted to minimise by tomorrow morning.  So why not book for another interesting dive in the Durban Bay.


Run Ride Dive News

Photo credit: Derek Keats / Foter.com / CC BY – Diver and Soft Coral

There is still space on 2 of the dives for Saturday to Bikini and Doug’s cave.  2 great dives with loads to see.  Mid Morning we are off to Bikini, even though it is a small reef it is still very intriguing as it hides it best bits.  This site was recently discovered so not many have dived it as yet and several different Pineapple Fish have been spotted on this reef.  Look out in the sand for Rays and Guitarfish.  The afternoon takes us to Doug’s cave where hopefully the Raggies have made their winter home already as they are usually spotted from June to October on this site.  Beautiful site with soft corals and sponges array.


On Sunday we have a jam packed day however you will have to act quick as there are only 2 spots left of the Fontao wreck dive.  Come dive this popular wreck off Umhlanga and see what all the excitement is about.  Don’t despair if you miss the boat Join us on the next dive at G-Spot.  Sitting at 22m there is a nursery full of juvenile fish to admire.  Also look out in the Seaweed and Sea Grasses for the Ghost Pipefish.  Next we are off to the notorious Pat’s Place, be sure to bring your torch along to look in all the nooks and crannies for interesting critters and also look out for the Unicorn Fish, Stingrays and Natal Sea Catfish.  To end off a wonderful weekend diving we are having a chilled dive on the Maze.  Sitting at 12 metres you can just relax and dive through the swim throughs and overhangs and see the amazing array of marine life on this reef.


Good Luck to our students for tomorrow and hope to see the rest of you on one of our other amazing dives.
Run Ride Dive News

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