Dear Toyota

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Dear Toyota,

I’m writing this e-mail to give you my heartfelt thanks.

My first car was a 1987 Toyota Avante 1.6 GLE, and it has served me through thick and thin for many years. It had the ability to keep on going, and getting places other vehicles just could not. From driving through rivers to going off-road, where 4×4’s failed, somehow, my Avante managed to get there.

She has been on mountains, and across the country, through some of the heaviest rain, and hottest weather.

I have to confess, that I did not give her an easy life. She was forced to sleep outside, she was rammed by two taxi’s, as well as having my girlfriends mother reverse into her. Run Ride Dive News

A couples of years after I first drove her, I had an accident, I hit another car and crumpled the front of her. I had no injuries, but the insurance said that my poor Avante was a write off. I refused to accept the loss of my freedom, so my father and I worked on her, on our pavement outside the house, repairing her to road worthy condition. My blood sweat and tears went into my car. From that moment onward, our bond was real. Even the bond between my father and myself was strengthened as we rebuilt my Avante.

Sadly, I believe I now have to say good bye to her. Her engine block has been cracked and unless I can get another engine for her, I’ll need to send her on her way.

If I had a choice and the finances, I’d get a Toyota 86 to replace her. But that’s a plan for the future.

Most importantly, she gave me freedom. And with freedom, came a life worth enjoying. So again Toyota, thank you for providing me with a means to live my life.

Kind Regards,

Frank Moody.


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