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Current conditions.

Nice and warm – between 25 and 28 deg daytime maximums with about 18 deg minimums. Water is currently 23 deg. Some days are windy depending on the movement of cold fronts but if you dive early you can miss the wind.

Visibility around 15-18m. Great dive to Bikini with resident paper fish.

Taenianotus triacanthus is a member of the Scorpionfish family and is venomous.

Maximum size for this fish is 12cm and is found in the Indo-Pacific and from Kenya to Park Rynie on the East African coast. This fish has no scales but sheds it’s skin about twice a month.

Colour is dramatically variable from white to black and anything in between – pink, purple, brown, yellow. Can change colour over time. It lies perfectly still on the bottom often swaying from side to side imitating a piece of algae or seaweed. It feeds on small fish & shrimp.

Run Ride Dive News

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Run Ride Dive News

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