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Run Ride Dive


Photographs/Images terms of use

Copyright, trademarks and other intellectual property rights
Any Content and Services of the Website, including the Content and Services provided from Suppliers, i.e. all text, logos, trademarks, graphics, artwork, sounds, music and software (including the Access Software) is protected by copyright, moral rights, registered designs, patents, trademarks, service marks, brands, design rights, semiconductor rights, database rights, trade secrets, rights of confidence and other similar rights (“IPR”). All IPR subsisting in the Website and its Content or Services is – unless stated otherwise on the Website or in these Terms & Conditions – either owned by Us or licensed to Us. All rights remain reserved to Us or, if provided by a third party, to such third party (and even if any such Content or Service is not explicitly identified to be legally protected or registered, this does not imply any waiver by Us of applicable intellectual property rights with respect to any such Content or Service in its entirety or parts thereof). Even if any such trademark, name and logo are not explicitly identified to be legally protected or registered, this does not imply a waiver from Us as to applicable IPR in respect of any such trademark, name or logo. You may not reproduce, copy, post, republish, broadcast, record, transmit or edit any Content, materials or part(s) thereof without Our express prior written consent, nor do or attempt to do anything which infringes Our IPR or any IPR licensed to Us or owned by a third party. The same shall apply to ideas and concepts that the Website, any of its Content or Services is based on, even if not protected by IPR law.

We request that you do not edit, crop or alter the images in any way when re-using/re-posting the images to social media and where possible, please tag or credit the photographer and @runridedive.

If you crop the or edit the watermark out of the picture you should credit both the photographer and as a matter of common decency. Should you receive an unmarked image with a press release or similar distribution it is your duty to add the tag line “Photographer Name | Run Ride Dive” to every image used. We reserve our rights to pursue any person or entity who does not comply with this.

Commercial use of images 

Images obtained in any way from social media or any other platforms including press releases may not be used for marketing purposes in any way without first obtaining written permission from RunRideDive or any of the photographers who may have been credited for the work.

High resolution unmarked images can be purchased from RunRideDive, or the respective photographer, at R 400 per image or at an agreed fee as determined between the photographer and the client. Please use the form above to make contact.

Hiring a Photographer

Should you require a photographer to cover your event, please use the form above to make contact.

We will offer a written quote when all necessary information is available.


Motorsport Images
Motorsport images by our photographers are available to the Media, as per MSA stipulation, without watermarks as long as they are credited with the Photographer’s Name and the words
………………………  Post
Run Ride Dive
 c/o SIGG Digital
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